Top 6 Best Driving Seat Cushions for OTR Truckers, Cars, RVs

Top 6 Best Seat Cushions For Trucks And Cars

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All over-the-road (OTR) truckers have a hard job! They sit for many long hours allowed by DOT. They have to deal with car drivers being in their way and hard to see when passing. They have to think quick when distracted auto and other drivers, including motor cycles, do stupid distracting things. Yes, you guys and gals take breaks at the diners and stop for coffee and soda.

Just because you get out of your big rig occasionally, does not help your butt and back from being tired and sore from sitting all day or all night. Without you folks, we wouldn’t be having crisp lettuce for our salads today. Those of us who drive our compact or sedan cars, RVs, pickup trucks, even the hard-working farmers riding their tractors in the field in the hot sun, all deserve to have a nice comfy supportive seat cushion for whatever is being driven.

Even bus drivers, school bus drivers, and delivery drivers, need to have a good feel to their bottoms. All drivers need the best car seat cushion money will buy. Just looking at the controls in a big rig will make your rear-end tired!

Inside Semi Truck

Features To Consider When Buying A Truck Seat Cushion

  • Do you want foam, memory foam or gel?
  • Do you want a zippered cover that is washable?
  • Do you want specific support?

If your answers are yes, read the reviews below that cover these features.

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The Clever Yellow brand seat cushion is perfect for truck drivers and all vehicle drivers.  This wedge is a #1 best seller on®.  The cushion is ergonomically designed with 3-layer technology.  It is the same technology used for seats in Rolls Royce cars.  You will love the adjustable straps that snap together going around your seat holding you in place the way your seat belt does.  It will not slip and slide around needing you to readjust it.

Clever Yellow–Driving Comfort Seat Cushion For Cars And Trucks

5 out of 5 Stars

When your back aches from driving, this wedge will tilt your pelvis improving your posture and take the pressure off your lower spine (coccyx) area where the back end has a cutout.  The wedge-shaped cushion will not go flat made of dense and durable memory foam.  The core is made of molded Clever foam.  The cushion elevates you a bit giving lumbar support without raising you up high.  The width of the cushion is just right to fit into your vehicle seat in the center.  It will not fold, warp, or bend.

Take it on the plane, in buses, boats, put in your office chair and anywhere you need support to your spine.  It will fit seats in Subaru, Honda, and all cars and trucks. The cushion is orthopedic Clever memory foam and the cover is a breathable mesh so that you never feel sticky, clammy, or sweaty.  The cover is gray and black and is removable to be hand washed on the gentle cold water cycle.  Let it air dry because the dryer can ruin it.

The front wedge is 2.5-inches high.  The dimensions are 18-inch front x 16-inch back x 3-inches tall and weighs 1-pound. Gift-wrapping is available for all the drivers you love and for you too.  Instructions are included.  Warranty information and where made is unavailable, although the tag has London on it.  A free eBook is included with a drawstring backpack.

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The Aylio ergonomically shaped superior comfort wedge cushion model number CWC-001 will decrease the pressure on your lower tail bone (coccyx) while driving trucks, cars, or any vehicles, and in airplanes too. A top seller in automotive on®, it is also great for using in office chairs or any chair at home.

Aylio Comfort Foam Wedge Coccyx Cushion For Trucks And Cars

5 out of 5 Stars

Pressure will be lessened on your hip bones that can become sore when driving or sitting. It will fit tight and close to your bottom never slipping. Increase your circulation when sitting for hours on end. Sciatica can be helped and pressure sores will diminish. The cushion is soft yet supports you well. The cutout section on the rear of the cushion offers weight distribution and improves your posture while keeping your spine aligned.

It is made of durable high-quality foam for years of use. It does not have a belt, but your body weight will hold it in place. The zippered velour cover is easy to clean by putting in the washer on the gentle cycle using cold water. The cushion measures 14- x 14- x 3-inches and weighs 1 pound. You will receive a User’s Manual and a Lifetime Warranty. The cushion is made in China.

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The WonderGel® DoubleGel will give you therapeutic support and relieve pressure with its column-buckling gel technology. The model number doublegel is 2 layers of gel measuring 2-inches thick. The cushion is wonderful for truckers, cars, chairs, and anyplace you need support for your butt and thighs. Experience for yourself the super soft and strong rubber-like elastic material. Your bottom will be held to reduce pressure on bones. Professional truck drivers love this cushion and it is wonderful in cars as well.

WonderGel® DoubleGel Seat Cushion For Trucks And Cars

5 out of 5 Stars

The WonderGel® is made from hollow columns of a very special gel called Gelastic®. These columns come together to form one of nature’s strongest, most effective patterns, similar to a honeycomb. Each column wall is shared by adjoining columns that work together to give you the right support and pressure relief.

The gel breathes so stays cool to your body and returns to its original shape when you get off it. The softer side will give you comfort while the other side gives firmer support for your body’s shape and weight. Take it with you to put on the bleachers at sports events. The cushion comes with a black zippered washable nylon cover that will not skid and has a carrying handle to take the cushion with you wherever you go.

If it slips, simply remove the cover. The gel is not liquid, and is waterproof. The dimensions are 15-inches wide x 18-inches long x 2-inches deep and weighs about 5 pounds. You will receive a User’s Manual and a 12-month Limited Warranty. The country of origin is the USA.

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The Everlasting Comfort brand memory foam cushion is comfortable for truckers, car use, at the office, anywhere you are to help with pain from your lower back, tailbone (coccyx), and sciatica. The black mesh cover is zippered to be laundered in your washing machine on the gentle cycle with cold water and air dried.

Everlasting Comfort Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion For Trucks And Cars

5 out of 5 Stars

Get relieve from lower tailbone pain (coccyx) and have better posture when sitting straight finally without pain. The hollow center section offers even more airflow for staying cool while the mesh cover provides added coolness never getting hot. Your private area should never become sweaty and sticky.

The inside cushion if made of 100% memory foam that will not go flat over time and fits the shape of your body. The rear of the cushion is slightly higher to lift your spine. With its handle on the back, take it with you everywhere.

The dimensions are 15-inches front-to-back x 17.7-inches wide x 5.1-inches deep. The cushion weighs about 1.5 pounds. It is 1-inch deep at the indent where you butt sits. Your blood circulation will improve ridding you of any numbness. With its no slip rubber bottom, your cushion will stay in place.

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The Kieba foam seat cushion is made for your aching tailbone (coccyx), sciatica, and butt pain. It is great to use in trucks, cars, at home and the office—anywhere you need supporting comfort wherever you are. The cushion is available in black, blue, brown, gray, or pink.

The breathable mesh cover has a zipper and can be removed to wash in the machine. It is hypoallergenic, has no phthalates, latex, or lead and is BPA-free. The rear cutout shape is for your tailbone to relieve pressure on it and to help with stiffness in your hips after sitting.

Kieba Coccyx Seat Cushion, Cool Gel Memory Foam

5 out of 5 Stars

The cushion will keep its shape after continual using and will not go flat. Being portable and lightweight, you can take it everywhere. It will align your spine by keeping it upright, reduce pressure sores, pain, and aches. The cushion will raise you up for better positions while keyboarding, writing at the desk, or driving vehicles. Take with you on an airplane, and those in wheelchairs will receive help from sitting in the chair for long hours.

The dimensions are 18-inches from side-to-side, 13.5-inches from front-to-back and 2.5-inches from top-to-bottom weighing about 1 pound. You will receive a User’s Manual and a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. The cushion is designed in California and is made in China.

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The Soft & Care brand orthopedic memory foam cushion is 2 pieces; one for your bottom, and one for your back in a gray color. This is a great combination for truck drivers, OTR semi drivers, and all vehicle drivers. The best-selling car seat cushion for back pain combo on® will have you sitting without pain and have comfort at the same time making this the cushion to get.

The top cushion has a pocket for your cell phone and both have carrying handles for easy transporting to the places you are going. The cutout in the rear of the bottom cushion reduces pain at your tailbone due to its design. It will also help pain from of sciatica, herniated discs, tailbone injuries, pregnancy back pain, and more.

Soft & Care Coccyx And Lumbar Seat Cushion For Trucks And Cars

5 out of 5 Stars

The lumbar lower back top cushion supports this area well and has a rubberized bottom for not slipping off. The bottom cushion has the same bottom non-slip material. The zippered velour cushion is removable for laundering. The 3D breathable mesh will never have you feeling too hot or too cold. It’s perfectly made of 100% pure high-density premium memory foam that holds its shape never going flat.

Take it with you on the plane, to use in your office chair, chairs at home, and in all vehicles. Will be great support in boats, tractors, and buses. The adjustable strap will keep your cushion in place snuggly. The dimensions are 18-inches wide x 14-inches long x 3-inches deep. You will receive a User’s Manual and a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. The cushion is made in China.

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Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, you would like to stop hurting. The cushions shown here will hold you and support you with a soft yet firm comfort in your OTR semi-trucks, farm vehicles, home chairs, office chair, and when traveling by boat, plane, or on a vacation cruise ship. There is no place the best car seat cushion for long drives will not go.

Happy trucking in comfort!


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