Love Cold Weather? Winter Giveaway

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Love Cold Weather? Winter Giveaway
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Enter our Winter Giveaway from January 15 through 22 to win 1 of 5 lumbar seat cushions in the large size.

The Shakti Inc., Ergo21, Liquicell® for your lower lumbar coccyx area is even better than gel, foam, gel-foam, or air! The ASIN B00WH4WOBA on® at an affordable price is a super cushion with good customer reviews the pain relief.

We are only offering the large size, 18- x 24- x 1.50-inches thick in this Giveaway.  You can purchase other sizes on®.

This custom formulated high-resilience foam will remember its shape after continual sitting against it for your spine’s comfort. The soft yet firm cushion is dust mite resistant. Being hypoallergenic, it is best for those having allergies, asthma, and seasonal hay fever.

Measure your special chair, car seat, or sitting area to be sure the cushion size fits it. The lightweight cushion weighs about 2-pounds.

I love this cushion in my ergo designed office chair for firm and soft back support when sitting here working all day. You will too. When I get into my car, I take it with me, and now I’m going to buy another one, so I can keep that cushion in my chair. The carrying handle in one hand and my purse in the other means I need two or more cushions. You can attach the straps on the back of the cushion to your special chair or car seat to fit snuggly.

This cushion will help your sore painful areas at the coccyx area at the lower lumbar spine and mid-spine. You can even use it on benches and seats made of wood to support your back and buy an Ergo 21 original seat cushion to go with it.

Sit in comfort all day. This cushion is not the typical foam rubber squishy things that I’ve never liked anyway.

I sometimes get sciatica nerve pain that radiates down one or both legs to the knee and this cushion stops that by aligning my lower tailbone. It helps benefit and support you when you have leg, hip, groin, and buttock pain better than any other cushion in the marketplace when you sit. Don’t suffer another day with discomfort, or with aching, agony, throbbing, and tenderness. You are worth the lumbar seat cushion because you are valuable to your family, friends, and loved ones. It is not a donut-type pillow with the hole in the middle that is painful for people with hemorrhoids.

The large-sized cushion that is being given away has a water-resistant nylon cover that is easy to wipe down and any water on it will bead off.

The high resilience foam will give you the proper support you need with its thickness. That is just what you need to support the curvature at you lower spine sitting all day.

With this cushion, your spine will be straight and keep its natural curve at the lumbar area. This area is known as the lumbosacral spine, the lower part of your spinal column made up of many small bones to include the lumbar area and sacrum. This part of the spine connects the spine to the pelvis, and these bones can cause pain at their nerve endings as well.

Chiropractors, physical therapists, doctors, and massage therapists recommend lumbar seat cushions to their patients.

You will be able to sit for longer times with the 4 patents pending LiquiCell® membranes that will reduce fatigue and improve blood circulation by 150%. The wafer-thin cells are just the right thickness for letting your body glide efficiently with the cell material that stays in motion never static.

The lumbar cushion is proudly made in the USA. Get one or more for your loved ones in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, those you love in hospitals, at home, and the friends you have who suffer daily from lower spine pain and uneasiness when sitting in their chairs.

The contest starts January 15 through 22. You have nothing to lose and just might be the winner of a super comfortable lumbar chair cushion for you, a loved one, or friend.

Enter here as many times as you like for your chance to win.

You will be getting a 100%-off discount code from the manufacturer, ERGO21, for the Liquicell® cushion paying no shipping charges shipped directly from them to you! The winners will be sent an email and be notified on our Facebook page too.

Watch the video, Ergo21 Lumbar Support Cushion Review, Ask Doctor Jo.

Enter to win it! Best of luck to all of you!

Dr. Jean Farber

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Love Cold Weather? Winter Giveaway

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