Spooky Halloween Giveaway 2017

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Spooky Halloween Giveaway 2017
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Hi Giveaway Participants,

This Giveaway is for two (2) different products by Naipo, the manufacturer this month.

Prize #1

Prize #2

Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massage Pillow with Heat

Naipo Cordless Hand-held Massager

There are no tricks like on Halloween night when ghouls are walking your neighborhood for candy and treats. This is an authentic no-pranks Giveaway just for you! The prizes will be sent directly to the winners from the manufacturer rather than being sent from Amazon.com®.

Enter to win by logging in to the Gleam.io widget below

Spooky Halloween Giveaway 2017

Giveaway #1: Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massage Pillow with Heat

The Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massage Pillow with Heat, model number MGP-129A, is a wonderful unit for your home, office, cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles people drive. The deep Shiatsu kneading has warm heat with 4 roller balls. Relax while relieving your neck tension that feels like a message therapist is stroking you. Muscle soreness will diminish soon and you can use this device on your shoulders, lumbar lower spine, calves, thighs, feet, and all of you except your face and head.

The infrared heat when on is 112-degrees F. for better blood circulation. The pillow is ergonomically designed with the W-design to fit behind your neck and the shape of your body areas. You can use it with or without heat for what’s most beneficial to you.

There is only 1 button on this model to do all the functions. See the instructions for the way it works very easily. To use press the power switch to work with heat. Press the power switch again for a kneading massage without heat. Pressing the power switch for 3 seconds will turn the massager off.

It does kneading but not vibration. The roller balls change from clockwise to counterclockwise every 60-seconds. It will shut off after 20-minutes of use automatically for security and safety. It also has an overload protector for overheating. Wait 10-minutes to use it again. The strap on the back will wrap around a car seat or chair attaching with Velcro®.

Plug the 6-foot UL® listed cord into a 110/120-Volt, 50/60 Hz, alternating current (AC) adapter for USA, Canada, and Mexico outlets. The power is 24-Watts. Outside the USA, Canada, or Mexico you will need to buy a 220/240-Volt adapter. The unit does not use batteries.

You will receive a free direct current (DC) adapter to plug into your vehicle’s electrical port to use the battery and a free pillow case!

The dimensions are 12.79-inches across the front, 3.93-inches where it turns, and 7.87-inches tall weighing about 3.3-pounds (1.5 kg).

You’ll love it so enter to win it!

Check Prices on Amazon.com®

Giveaway #2: Naipo Cordless Hand-held Massager

The Naipo Cordless Hand-held Massager model number MGPC-5000 is rechargeable without an electrical cord included and will give you deep tissue percussion massage with 5 vibrating types and 5 speed levels for the back of your neck, shoulders, and anywhere your body needs a soothing massage. This unit has a stand to rest the massager on—a convenient device. How clever of Naipo!

It has several different massage heads for the feel you like best.

The handle is a matt finish so it will not slip out of your hand and there are indicator lights for charging (red) and when totally charged (green). Select from 5 modes and 5 speeds with buttons to change it. The 5 attachments for the 5 modes of operation are: deep tissue, acupressure, acupoint, and other tips to simulate Shiatsu.

The lithium battery (included) will hold its charge using it nonstop for 1.5 hours. The handle is extra-long to get to those hard-to-reach places on your body. It weighs a slight 1.7-pounds (800 grams). You’ll love it so enter to win it!

Check Prices on Amazon.com®

All you need to do is enter the contest from October 1 through 7 for your chance to win this incredible heated massager. The prizes will be sent directly to the winners from the manufacturer rather than being sent from Amazon.com®. Good luck and enter as many times as you want—even a million times is okay and do it each day.

Have a safe Halloween at the end of the month and good luck!


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