TENS Unit 7000 Review – Is It Worth Buying?

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A pain treatment device at home is of great boon and if you have Balego® Electrotherapy Dual Channel Stimulator then nothing can be better than that. This TENS unit therapy device also popular as TENS 7000 has proved to be beneficial whether you need to treat an acute pain or sprains caused suddenly due to any accident. TENS technology is one of the favorite among the chiropractors and the physical therapists. Therefore, people want something to invest that will be worth buying and not a waste. This brand new device has dual channels, five-timer mode, patient compliance meter and a sturdy metal belt clip. With a great look, it is also a strong device to curb your chronic pains. Let us see as to why it is one of the best TENS Unit devices in the market.

Comes with 5 Modes and 3 Different Settings

With this TENS Unit, you get 5 different modes to choose from Burst, Normal, Modulation, Strength Duration 1 (SD1) and Strength Duration 2 (SD2). Along with the 5 modes, you get three different settings to control the Intensity, Pulse and Frequency of the device. It comes with a preset time of 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes and 90 minutes and an auto shut off at any one of the time, which you set. You can also receive a treatment for a continuous of two hours at a stretch.

A Dual Channel Device

A Dual Channel Device TENS 7000TENS 7000 comes with an output of 100mA and helps the patient to struggle with the different kinds of pain. It also comes with a compliance meter, which is a fantastic solution. you can use it with two to four pads at a time.

8 Intensity Levels

The device comes with an intensity range of 0-1—mA and has eight levels from which you can choose your preference level. This device comes with two protective covers on which lies on the top of the device.

4 Reusable Electrodes

You will find the device comes with 4 reusable electrodes to treat chronic pain or sore muscles. This therapeutic belt can reach out to any region and can leverage you with immediately therapy with their five different massage modes.

Has Two new wave Forms

This clinically proven device helps to give you an electro massage therapy with the help of their two selected waveform stimulation system namely symmetrical biphasic or Monophasic. This ensures you to get a complete control over your therapy and their intensity level.

Ergonomically Professional Device and Easy to Use

TENS 700 comes with a number of settings that remains easy to use. In total it has 6 controls, with four buttons on the front and. It comes with a large LCD screen display that helps the users to manage all the controls of the device at fingertips. The countdown timer on the device’s LCD screen helps to control how long the treatment should continue. The device is extremely small and portable and even highly professional in their looks. The approximate dimension is 3.98 in (H) x 2.4 in (W) x 0.96 in (D).

It also comes with rubber side railings to make sure that you get the maximum grip of the device. You will also get in touch with the safety amplitude cover, which is yet another fantastic feature of this device. Even the display will also give you access to a number of feature which is absent is most TENS Unit such as Parameter Locking, Treatment Timer, Last-Used Program recall.

Powered by Single 9V Battery
Just like other OTC TENS Unit, this device comes with 9V battery that you can find in wall clock, smoke alarm or walkie-talkies. Well, the power consumption capacity of this device is quite low, compared to others in the market. Still it can run at long 10 to 12 hours continuously. You would need to replace it frequently. However, the sturdy timer ensures that the devices does not waste energy and saves it from overuse.

The Kit Contains
TENS 7000

  • 2 safety lead wires,
  • 4 reusable electrodes
  • 9V battery
  • compact carrying case
  • Instruction manual.


It is an FDA approved Medical Class II type device and comes with one year of compact warranty.


  • A Manipulative Timer – With their timer, you get the access to set your pain therapy as per your preference over a wide range from 15 to 90 minutes or for two hours at a stretch.
  • High Output Strength – They are quite powerful as their strength range from 0-100mA and come with 8 adjustable intensity.
  • You Can Get It Over The Counter (OTC) – Yes, this is what has made the people fall for it. As you, do not need any prescription to buy it from the stores. You can simply buy one over the counter.
  • Pre-Programmed Menus – The user gets the opportunity to adjust the pulse-width, wavelength and intensity levels as well.


  • Not Durable – The customer complains about the weak wire attachments of the pad that makes it a less durable device.
  • Instruction Manual is Confusing – Yes, you will a few sentences quite contradicting such as the device can be sold only by the physicians advice, however you can get it over the counter.

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