“We Love Fall” Giveaway 2017

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“We Love Fall” Giveaway 2017
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Spread the joy of the season to your loved ones and friends to win one (1) of ten (10) ERGO21 Seat cushions. With football games everywhere, these cushions will take the hardness from those bleacher seats! If your wheelchair makes your butt tired and sore, these are wheelchair cushions for you too. The contest starts November 12 through 20 so enter to win it!

Enter to win by logging in to the Gleam.io widget below

“We Love Fall” Giveaway 2017

Prize: ERGO21 Sports Seat, All Seats, and Wheelchair Cushion, 4 Sizes

Check Prices on Amazon.com®

The LiquidCell inside will be comforting to your rear and will improve your blood flow and circulation by 150%! The cushion will help you when you have low back pain, pain in your groin area, pain in your butt, sciatica nerve pain, and spinal disc pain from compression.

You can use this cushion anywhere anytime and I use this in my office desk chair writing up these Giveaways. Put in your pickup truck and OTR semi-truck drivers will love the relief they get hauling their goods for us all over the country. Take it to church to put on those rigid wood benches, to concerts and sports events. Put one in your car, your favorite recliner, and on your patio chairs. Even a hard rocking chair would feel better with one of these superb cushions.

The bottom of the cushion will not slip, stays in place and the fabric is stretchy to end friction and shear stress. Sitting on the ultra-thin cells that have liquid the cushion is in constant motion allowing your body to glide and float to feel comfortable.

When you win, you choose the size you want from those listed below by size. Be sure to measure the place you plan to put it to get it correct the first time. Example: You may be under 170-pounds, but your chair or car seat might be too large for the regular-sized cushion. In this case, the larger cushion would be better. For cars, trucks and SUVs, the large or extra-large are recommended.

Check out this cushion at Manufacturer’s website

Regular Size:

Dimensions: 17- x 15.5- x 2-inches
Cushion Weight: 1.75-pounds
Recommended for those who weigh up to 175-pounds and are up to 5-feet 9-inches tall


Large Size:

Dimensions:18- x 17- x 2-inches
Cushion Weight: 2-pounds
Recommended for those who weigh 175-pounds plus


Large Deluxe Size:

Dimensions: 18- x 17- x 2.5-inches
Cushion Weight: 2-pounds 4-ounces
Recommended for those who weigh 200-pounds

Extra Large Size:

Dimensions: 20- x 18- x 2.5-inches
Cushion Weight: 2-pounds 11-ounces
Recommended for those who weigh 250-pounds


Have a great November with upcoming holidays in the USA. You will be getting a 100%-off discount code from the manufacturer, ERGO21, paying no shipping charges shipped directly from them to you! The Winners will get an email and be notified on our Facebook page too here.

Enter to win it! Best of luck to all of you!

Dr. Jean Farber

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