Best Knee Pillows for Back, Leg, Joint, Hip, Sciatica, Pregnancy Pain | Buying Guide | Reviews

The best knee pillows are an inexpensive and comfortable way to alleviate back, leg, joint, hip, sciatica, and pregnancy pain. Simply put, a pillow between your knees when you sleep on your side reduces internal rotation at you hip and knee that relieves stress on these body areas. When you sleep on either side, your knee drops down, and the external rotator muscles in the hip at the thigh bone (tibia) become longer. This prevents healing and a pillow between the knees reduces turning at the joint in your knee.

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A pillow under your knees when sleeping on your back reduces pressure on the lower spine. A pregnancy pillow can reduce the heaviness of your growing belly and a knee pillow can give you comfort as well.

All of your bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments are interconnected. We are one magnificent human machine! When we use pillows for support at one area, we can relieve pain in other areas for body harmony and alignment.

Knee pain itself can be caused by many reasons: injury, bone thinning (osteoporosis), medications, overuse, obesity, and getting older. Strength training and exercise will help in conjunction with a knee pillow.

Benefits of using knee pillow

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Best Knee PillowsYou want to buy a pillow that is frim and not too soft. A soft pillow can go flat rendering itself unusable. You will want to keep your knees separated when night sleeping or lounging during the day; therefore, medium firmness is preferred.

Using a thin pillow will not provide a good distance between your legs or knees. The pillow should be thick to prevent using two thin pillows that give you no benefit. The best knee pillows for side sleepers are made of memory foam. They are also the best knee pillows for back sleepers. Memory foam is hypoallergenic, resists dust mites, and are comfortable. Memory foam holds you and returns back to its original shape when you get off the pillow.

Most knee pillow manufacturers will show the density (thickness, compactness, mass) of their foam and three-pounds or higher is best for support. Less density will make the pillow too soft or thin, flattening out from your weight.

The knee pillows for side sleeper’s reviews below are great for knee and hip replacements.


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Anyone who has back, hip, knee, thigh, and leg pain will benefit from using a wedge contoured shape to elevate their lower extremities and reduce pressure on their lower lumbar spine for pain relief with a lumbar cushion made for the lower spine. Foot and ankle injuries and recovery is benefited using a wedge as well. Braces are also great for knee pain relief.

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The ComfiLife wedge shaped knee pillow, model number KP-22 on®, is a best-selling memory foam pillow in white for lower back pain, joint and hip aching, and sciatica nerve pain. Back sleepers will need 2 pillows—one for each leg. It will also give a measure of relief for moms to be when her growing belly is heavier pulling down on her lower lumbar spine discs when pregnant. It is unisex and only the models are women; so, don’t be confused by pictures of women; men use these as well.

The pillow is made of 100% premium and durable memory foam for hours of comfort and it will never go flat over time. You will not be hot or too cold using this pillow. It has a breathable zippered 100% cotton cover that is machine washable on gentle with cold water.

By being ergonomically designed, it is contoured to the shape of your knees and leg area. You will sleep and relax better with this knee pillow with its curved shape.

The dimensions are 10-inches long x 8-inches wide x 6-inches deep. The narrowest part that fits between your knees, measures 3.74-inches. The part that contacts your legs is 6-inches long. It weighs 11.20-ounces.

Gift-wrapping is available for those you know having pain and discomfort. The ComfiLife memory foam wedge contoured knee pillow is fully guaranteed for your 100% satisfaction or your money will be refunded. Keep your receipts, packaging, and labels should you need to file a claim for this best knee pillow. It is made in China.

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[boxsph3 id=”item1″ h3-text=”2. Everlasting Comfort Orthopedic Knee Pillow Wedge Contour Memory Foam“]

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Everlasting Memory Foam Knee Pillow

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Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Knee Pillow


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The Everlasting Comfort wedge shaped memory foam pillow, ASIN B07111VRMV on®, is a top best-selling white pillow that has an adjustable hook and loop strap to hold your knees and legs in place snugly and it’s removable if you don’t want to use. And if you really want the noise gone around you, 2 pair of ear plugs come free with the wedge form pillow. It is unisex and only the models are women; so, don’t be confused by pictures of women. The Everlasting Comfort best knee pillow for side sleepers is wonderful for pregnant moms to be providing support and comfort. If you want darkness, try using a sleep mask.

No additives are used making the 100% pure memory foam pillow. The ergonomically curved design keeps your knees apart with the right amount of spacing to align your spine, hips, and legs.

Again, it’s ideal for pregnant moms and will relieve spine and belly pressure. Use it too for relieving aches and pain in your hips, knees, thighs, pelvic bones, lumbar lower spine, arthritis of the spine, bursitis, joint and sciatic nerve pain at the lower tail bone that radiates down one or both legs.

It’s perfect for you side sleepers and 2 pillows would be needed to be beneficial for back sleepers.

Unzip the cover and machine wash the cover on gentle with cold water. It can go into the dryer, but it will shrink and be difficult to get back on. Do not wash the foam! It can be spot cleaned but will disintegrate in a clothes washer.

The measurements are 8-x 10-inches and 2.50 inches in the middle.

Gift-wrapping is available for those you know having pain and discomfort. The Everlasting Comfort memory foam wedge curved knee pillow is Lifetime Guaranteed for your 100% satisfaction and receive a new one at no charge if you are not happy. Keep your receipts, packaging, and labels should you need to file a claim. It is made in China.

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[boxsph3 h3-text=”3. Cushy Form Memory Foam Knee Pillow for Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief“]

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The Cushy Form orthopedic pillow is a life saver when you have sciatica, the worse leg pain ever. This pillow is a top seller on® for under $25. The pillow is made of 100% visco-elastic memory foam with a removable zippered cover that is machine washable. The foam is hypoallergenic and the pillow is unisex with no odor.

This pillow will take pressure off your lower spine where the sciatic nerve is at the lower lumbar area giving you better alignment of your spine and better blood flow for healing. It will ease your joints, ankles, legs, and lower back pain.

Put the pillow between your knees for gentle support that is comfortable against your skin and bony areas. It is a wedge shape for elevation with an indentation contour for your body area.

Lay on either side for a restful night’s sleep. This design style is beneficial for pregnant women being a great knee spacer while being effective for recovering after knee or hip replacement surgery. Chiropractors, physical therapists, sports trainers, and doctors recommend and trust this pillow for all that it does. It will stay in place when you sleep never moving unless you turn over.

When your spine is not properly aligned pressure is put on it. Pressure can be put on the sciatic nerve as well. With this pillow, correct alignment is established to remove the pain.

The dimensions are 10-inches long x 5.5-inches wide x 8-inches thick weighing about 14-ounces. You can buy Cushy Form knee pillow extra covers here.

Gift-wrapping is available for your family and friends suffering from sciatic nerve pain. You will receive a User’s Manual and a 100% money-back guarantee. It will return to its original shape after you open it. It comes with a white carrying case trimmed in turquoise with a handle. The pillow is made in China.

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The Contour Products memory foam leg pillow, is a great selling wedge shaped contour pillow made of memory foam for firmness and durability in white. The foam breathes so that you will never be hot. The cover is zippered and removable to be cleaned in the washing machine.

It relieves knee pain, sciatic nerve pain, leg, thigh, and calf muscle pain. Pregnant women love it for getting rid of the heaviness of carrying baby and the lower back pain that occurs when baby is further along. It’s the ideal size for resting any part of your leg in comfort. You can wear it to bed and nap on the sofa in contentment.

The dimensions are 10- x 8- x 7-inches and weighs 10.40-ounces.

Gift-wrapping is available for those you know having pain and discomfort. The Mex-X memory foam knee pillow is 100% customer satisfaction Guaranteed or return it, even if used, for a full refund. Keep your receipts, packaging, and labels should you need to file a claim. It is made in China.

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[boxsph3 id=”item1″ h3-text=”5. Sweety Life Orthopedic Knee Pillow Wedge Contour Memory Foam“]

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Sweetylife Knee Pillow for Back Pain

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The Sweety Life, ASIN B074PS6HH4 on®, is a best seller in white. The pillow breathes so you will never feel hot, sticky, and sweaty. The cover is made of 35% viscose and 65% polyester and zippered to be removed being machine washable. It is great for side sleepers, and back sleepers would need 2; one for each leg.

Put the wedge contoured shape between your knees, lower legs, and ankles, or rest a sore tired aching arm on it for the best support. Pregnant women like it to give their belly and back comforting support. Those with sciatica nerve pain will find relief from pain. The pillow is recommended by chiropractors, doctors, sports trainers, and physical therapists.

The premium high-density visco-elastic memory foam cannot be washed, just wiped down. It cannot be out in the sun. You will sleep like a log using this pillow in bed for all night comfort keeping your spine aligned.

The dimensions are shown to the right.

Gift-wrapping is available for those you know having pain and discomfort. The Sweety Life memory foam wedge shaped knee pillow is 100% customer satisfaction Guaranteed or return it for a full refund. Keep your receipts, packaging, and labels should you need to file a claim. It is made in China.

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It’s miserable when your body hurts at any area. These pillow shapes are good to use if you wear a light cast to keep the specific body bone supported. Read customer comments and reviews on to learn more about the best knee pillow when are considering buying one or more. Be well, pain-free, and happy shopping!

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