Best Massage Chairs for Home Use – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

For the love of massage chairs, you must do your information gathering and we have provided for you the basics here. The best massage chairs reduce or eliminate muscle knots, tension, soreness and pain from work-related stress, overdoing physical work, and other medical problems. Home users find the convenience exceptional for not needing to go to professional massage therapists or physical therapists. In the comfort and privacy of your home, you will be able to relax, watch TV, read a book, meditate, converse, or take a nap while enjoying the soothing experience of massage. Make sure you get the most from your massage chair.

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1. Massage Chair Motors are Critical

Determine where the motors are manufactured. You will find the best ones are made in Japan, where they have had many years of experience with massage, transforming that skill into great massage chairs. Motors must have enough power to deliver the functions provided by the chair. You want a motor that can handle your body weight and height and check to see if there are more than one motor. Inferior motors are substandard at a lower cost where your chair just might live in the repair shop rather than your home.

2. Who Will Use the Chair?

Massage chairs provide a lifetime of comfort and relief from pain safely and affordably. Aging for many with arthritis and spinal disc degeneration are the most common sources of pain, along with hips, knees, neck, and shoulders. Massage chairs offer support. Will you be purchasing a chair for yourself? If so, then you almost certainly know what you want. For someone else, you will need to know will it fit into his or her home space, and know his or her body weight and height. People will want to help ease the pain and discomfort from circulation issues, aches, and pains, neuropathy, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, and inflammation. A zero gravity chair will be ideal for those with mobility problems.

Some professional offices, such as massage therapists, and TMJ (jawbone) experts will have massage chairs for patients to relax and be comfortable.

3. Where will you put the Chair?

Where will you put the Massage Chair

A reclining chair will take up more space when the back goes down fully. This is an important factor so take measurements for a suitable fit in the area you plan to put it, especially if you live in a small home. You do not want a crowded space. Additionally, measure any door the chair will need to fit through. If you do not have the space, maybe a massage cushion will work.

4. Temperature

A leather-upholstered chair will produce higher amounts of friction producing more heat than cloth. If the motor gets too hot, it can break down. A fabric or faux leather covering is best for pets and kids for resisting stains and being easy to clean.

5. Massage Chair Intensity

Be sure the chair you have your heart set on for relief covers the problems you are undergoing. Ease muscle tension and get the most out of your massage chair by selecting the right intensity—the amount of pressure the rollers put forth on your muscles. A high-intensity chair will give you a deep tissue massage similar to a massage therapist while a low-intensity chair will give you the more Swedish type massage. Chairs with air bags are great for shoulder, legs, calves, and feet.

6. Avoid Cheap Model Massage Chairs

Big box stores will sell you a $500 chair and you will not be happy. They use low-priced bargain-basement parts and the chairs break down easily. They might be comfortable to sit in, but will they do the job for you? Find the features that you want at a price you can afford. You will not necessarily need a $6000 chair, so shop wisely. Compare models and features, read customer reviews, and check out reports for product ratings and warranties.

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We are excited to provide you with the best massage chair evaluations committed to improving the lives of everyone for taking care and living well.

[boxsph3 h3-text=”1. BestMassage® Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner“]

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The BestMassage® model EC-06 fully electric heated massage chair has a stretched footrest with new progressive features and functions for a great massage. The chair is available in black, brown, and burgundy in faux leather. The airbags cover both your upper and lower arms for a nice massage. The heat will be on the soles of your feet and at your waist. You can control this function with one button so that it is off either in both places or on in both places.

With more than 30 airbags for the recovery, extend, relax, and refresh programs, it also has a built in heat intelligent roller system. It will conform to the shape of your back with a supplementary neck massage feature that is so soothing and relaxing. The massage heads have been engineered and designed to focus on the Japanese units of measurement the tsubo vital points used in oriental therapy. These points are usually located where nerves enter muscle.

The lower back range puts the roller heads at the tailbone (coccyx) area that are absent in most massage chairs. The massage will run from high at the neck to the tailbone. The 20 double-layered airbags provide for relieving fatigue, soreness, knots, and tightness and they are in the lower part of the chair for thighs, legs, and feet. This gives better circulation of the blood to the lower limbs. The adjustable airbags provide many levels of intensity from weak to strong. This is not a zero gravity massage chair.

With the control panel, attached to the right arm, you can fully and automatically recline the chair, and the foot and leg ottoman. The control panel rotates, but does not bend to be out of sight. The high-powered vibrating motor and air pressure massage is super for your buttocks and sciatica pain. With the function mode of rolling, the Shiatsu rollers will move down and up simulating a massage therapist’s finger pressing. The kneading function removes knots and pain from tight muscles. The percussion and compression functions will improve your balance, mobility, and flexibility to include leg posture. The chop mode of tapping and flapping will reduce aches and soreness to relax stiff tight muscles. Fatty deposits will soften and nerves will be stimulated. Rollers are not used on the feet—only airbags and this is great for the plantar fasciitis that is horrific heel and bottom foot pain. The back of the chair has wheels for easy movability.

The UL listed cord plugs into a USA 110/120-Volt 3-prong grounded outlet. It does not work with 220/240-Volts outside of the USA. You can purchase a step-down adapter for USA voltage to run on 220/240-Volts. The chair uses a 250-Volt fuse available at any home center. The chair is made in China with the seller in Duluth, Georgia, USA.

The dimensions are an 80-degree angle for the footrest and 125- to 170-degrees for the backrest. The footrest is 34-inches wide and 55-inches from the footrest end to the back leg. It is 76-inches from the fully lifted footrest to the reclined back. It is 42-inches in its straight sitting position. From the top of the armrest to the floor, it is 26-1/4-inches. The seat is 32-inches wide. The chair weighs 300 pounds. It will hold a 6-foot person weighing up to 300 pounds. You will need a 36-inch doorframe to get the chair through.

You will receive an installation video and a 1-year Limited Warranty document included in the box for parts. Labor is not included. Assembly is required.

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[boxsph3 h3-text=”2. B&H ideal Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner“]

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The B&H ideal model IC-DEAL Shiatsu 2016 Best Valued Massage Chair is luxury exemplified with its built-in heat, zero gravity, with deep tissue massage. The chair comes in black, dark brown, beige, and red faux leather. It has 4 motors and 2 air pumps that are powerful.

Relax and turn on this massage chair using the automatic programming functions for its scanning of your body for a full body massage starting at the automatic shoulder back full scanning located on the control panel. For a total wonderful sensation, your neck, shoulders, back, waist, buttocks, thighs, calves, and feet are involved at the same time with the chair recognizing your specific body size. This chair is like having your own massage therapist on call anytime you need therapy. With the ‘manual’ button you can set the chair position anywhere you want it. In the preset zero gravity mode, you can select from 1 of 3 preset options. Either positon will allow you to watch TV, read, meditate, or take a nap.

This dynamic chair has 30-minutes of uninterrupted massage from the back of your neck to your toes, or set your perfect time from 5- to 30-minutes with its 3D intelligent detection so that you can forget about resetting the time. For your soothing pleasure, the 4 massages available are Shiatsu, spinal rolling backstretch, kneading and vibrating.

You will enjoy the variety of 14 combinations for massage that you can set with the control panel for a massage therapist feel. Select from 4 preset automatic programs of ‘activate’ to start your day and wake you up; ‘relaxation’ for putting your feet up and taking it easy at the end of your day; then to zone in on ‘upper back’ and ‘lower back’ for soreness and feeling tired. Adjust the speed and intensity to your liking or simply choose ‘automatic’ and let the chair do it for you. You can mute the chair for quiet. Adjust the back vertical motion for your lower back up to your neck.

Massage your neck, shoulders, back, and waist using the single pressing of the ‘automatic’ button or choose the individual modes to benefit you best. In ‘manual’ you determine the massage type, the speed, strength, and width of your body coverage as well as the method you want to use such as vibrators, airbags, and more. Within each function of 3 speeds, you can choose for your best feeling.

The shoulder airbag massage uses 4 airbags and the upper/lower uses 24 airbags giving you 6 combinations with 2 intensity levels. The seat cushion massage for hips and butt has 4 airbags with the massaging for your calves and lower legs having 8 airbags. We do not want the feet to feel left out, so they will have 8 airbags for a superior foot massage that is equipped with 8 kneading balls that imitate hands kneading on the bottom of your feet for a strong deep massage that is wonderful for the plantar fasciitis that is horrific heel and bottom foot pain. The pressure points on your feet are manipulated for the heart, liver, kidneys, eyes, pancreas, thyroid, and gall bladder. This type of massage is known as the ‘thenar’ that is the fleshy part of your hand at the base of your thumb. These are the thenar muscles in a sheath for the tendons on the front of the wrist and fingers.

For the ultimate experience and soothing relief of back pain, turn on the heat therapy mode on the control unit, or turn it completely off. The back of the chair has wheels for moving easily.

Kneading works out those sore and tight muscle knots to eliminate that pain.

Rolling moving up and down is similar to fingers by a massage therapist that stretches out your back. This chair does not provide percussion massage.

Shiatsu is the powerful rollers that relax muscles to rejuvenate and refresh your body.

Vibrators in the chair seat cushion provide a great relaxation in combination with the back rollers. That will stimulate blood vessels, removing toxins from the blood and organs. This model has an S-track rolling system with a 32-inch stroke length.

The 6-foot UL listed cord plugs into a USA 110/120-Volt, 50/60 Hz, 3-prong grounded outlet. You can purchase a transformer for 110-Volts to run on 220/240-Volts. You can use an extension cord if it is the same AWG with a 3-prong grounded plug. Power used is 20- to 230-Watts. The chair is made in China and is shipped from San Diego, California to the lower 48 states.

The dimensions in the upright position are 33-inches wide x 49-inches high x 53-inches deep, the seat is 22-inches, and the chair weighs 200 pounds. It will hold a 300-pound person to 6-feet tall.

The recline dimensions are 33-inches wide x 31-inches high x 68-inches deep and the packing dimensions are 55 x 35 x 33 inches. Remove one or both side panels by removing two screws on each side next to the seat cushion to give you about 2-inches less on each side when going through doorways. For this chair model, you need about 7- to 8-inches against the wall to recline fully.

You will receive a User’s Manual and a 3-year Warranty on the body and frame and 3 years on all electronic parts. Labor is not included. Some assembly is required.

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[boxsph3 h3-text=”3. RELAXONCHAIR™ Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner“]

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The RELAXON™ model RC-MKII Shiatsu style massage has built-in heated air bags for a terrific massage in chocolate or red colors. It is made of high-quality faux leather, and has a carbon fiber panel for easily moving the chair making it lightweight. The 3-stage automatic zero gravity chair has many functions from full body stretching, 3 manual massages, 3 massage intensity control levels, and 4 automatic programs.

The L-tracking system provides body scanning with its computer along with airbag massaging. Each disc in your spine will separate and independently decompress from each other. This process provides vital nutrients to your discs. You will enjoy the lower back heating with upper and lower arm, calves, and foot massager. All systems give you a deep tissue massage for tight, knotted, and sore muscles. The shoulder pads width are adjustable. The rollers will move from the upper back to under the seat area to give you a comforting massage. The Fixed Spot massage is an S-curve design.

The control panel that is computer operated sits on a stand attached to the left side at the armrest. It knows body types and will scan yours measuring your spine’s length providing your massage just where it is needed. Use the ‘spinal decompression’ button for this mode.

The control panel offers 4 different programs, 3 manual techniques such as tapping, combo, and kneading. You can select from 3 levels of intensity and the rollers apply a robust pressure along the back as it moves down. The control panel lets you select slow to fast as you like it. The reclining chair will remove the stress from your spine when it elevates to the zero gravity position and your feet will be at the same level as your heart. You will be more relaxed and your circulation will be improved.

The massage chair airbags will individually inflate and deflate for your body to stretch and turn at your shoulders, lower back, hips, and thighs. Use the airbags all at once or separately using the button on the control panel. The air bags will hold you slowly stretching the back and leg muscles. A deep massage with this chair is a kneading type action and is given to the wrists and lower arms. The lower back heat uses 2 heating pads. You will have 4 airbags on each leg with 1 on each side of your shoulders. These are not heated. Along the foot bottom and heel are spinning rollers that knead for relaxation.

The zero gravity function built into the chair is simple to use. On the control panel press the zero gravity button once for that level of function. Press the button 2 times on level 2 that puts your chest area lower than level 1. When you press level 3, your chest will be at the lowest level. To leave the zero gravity mode, press the button 1 more time.

The seat of the chair is 29-inches by 50-inches. You should have no problem with smaller spaces such as apartments or smaller homes. Allow about 2-feet of space between the back of the chair and the wall. The interior seat is 24- by 30-inches. The chair is 65-inches long x 30-inches wide x 40-inches high and weighs 183 pounds.

The chair will fit a 6-foot 2-inch person weighing 345 pounds and under and weighs 183 pounds. It will fit best through a 36-inch doorframe, but will go through a 32-inch door if you remove the hinges but it will be tight.

The chair plugs into a USA standard 3-prong grounded 110/120-Volt, 50/60 Hz outlet and is UL listed at 230-Watts maximum.

A User’s Manual and instructions are included in the box with a 3-year Warranty. Parts are covered for 1 year only. The framework and structure are warrantied for 2 years. Labor is not included. The Warranty is for residential users, not commercial users. The chair arrives fully assembled but you will need to attach the foot massager. The chair is made in China and is shipped from the USA to the lower 48 states.

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[boxsph3 h3-text=”4. Kahuna Massage Chair® Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner“]

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The Kahuna Chair® model LM-6800 is wonderful for home use and is an FDA registered medical device for patient benefits in professional offices. The fabric is a soft faux leather and it is available in tan.

The chair uses computer body scanning technology with 2 zero gravity positons providing a total body experience. The 4 automatic massage programs are loaded onto the control panel. The vigorous chair uses 36 airbags for the air pressure massage with 3 levels of speed and pressure that you can adjust. The L-track system provides 4 roller types with heat for your back. The heat is provided in your back area and back of calves. The rollers work your feet.

The twist buttock function will relax and relieve sore buttocks with its massage, but does not vibrate. It is not a 3D massage chair. It has a chiro setting and a Yoga stretching feature. The airbags are programmed to inflate separately causing your body to twist and deep stretch. The stretching is applied to your shoulders, hips, and thighs. The controller is not a touch pad type and runs for 15 minutes then shuts off.

The ancient lomi lomi whole body massage is one of a kind. This ancient technique is a deep form of massage that is gentle for revitalization and relaxation. The bodywork done is a holistic method for balancing the mind and body within the physical, emotional, and spiritual elements. The Ka Huna bodywork feature is ideal to simulate a massage therapist’s forearms, hands, and elbows using flowing Huna and Tai Chi type movements. It is wonderful with this chair. The flow of energy relaxes your body and your mind with the healing and relaxing qualities. The Ka Huna uses Shiatsu type therapy of kneading, rolling, tapping with tapping/kneading for whole body restoration.

Plug the UL listed cord into a USA standard 3-prong grounded 110/120-Volt outlet, 50/60 Hz at 230-Watts maximum. If you live outside of the USA, a converter will allow usage of 240-Volts.

The dimensions are 65-inches long x 30-inches wide x 40-inches high. The chair weighs 220 pounds. The manufacturer states persons that are 240 pounds and 6-foot 2-inches tall will fit into this and be comfortable. Place the chair 4- to 5-inches from the wall to recline fully.

A User’s Manual and instructions are included in the box. The 3-year Limited Warranty gives you coverage for parts, labor, and the chair’s framework. Some assembly is required. The chair is made in China.

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[boxsph3 h3-text=”5. Real Relax Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner“]

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The Real Relax model Favor-01 is the Shiatsu type massage chair that comes in black, khaki, and burgundy colors made of soft and comfortable faux leather. This is the newest ergonomically designed chair by this company for 2016. It is an FDA registered medical device for patient benefits in professional offices. What a wonderful addition to a dentist’s office or any professional office setting. Any of the 3 color choices will fit you home décor beautifully.

The zero gravity provides total relaxation both physically and psychologically. You will relax from head to toe with the 8 massage points inside the backrest. These work in conjunction with other functions for complete rejuvenation. The seat has a heater that fosters blood flow and improves your metabolism. The seat also utilizes air squeezing and vibration with hip compression and heat. The 35 airbags are located over the shoulders, arms, butt, and legs for a gentle massage and relaxation. The shoulders have 4 airbags to compress and relax your shoulders. The waist area is heated on both sides of your body.

Your arms will love the pulsated massage with the built-in 360-degree seamless massage airbags. It simulates a small capsule for your arms to fit into. Your feet will experience the rollers that massage the bottom soles and heels. The telescopic footrest will extend out further for taller persons using this chair. The 20 airbags enclose your legs fully.

Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage ChairThe control panel on the remote has a vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) screen that is high definition with 4 preset and automatic massage programs. Select from your favorite massage type for a tranquil and unwinding experience. The remote control fits into the front of the right arm in its own pocket for safekeeping.

Plug the UL listed cord into a USA standard 3-prong grounded 110/120-Volt outlet, 50/60 Hz at 100-Watts. If you live outside of the USA, a converter will allow usage of 220/240-Volts.

The dimensions are 74.8-inches from the end of the footrest to the top in the reclined position and 32-inches from the floor to the top of the footrest in this position. Sitting upright the chair is 46.9-inches high from the floor to the top of the back and 52.3-inches from the bottom front of the footrest to the rear wheels. The rear wheels are 31.1-inches apart. The chair weighs 166 pounds. It will cover an area of less than 22-square feet.

A User’s Manual and instructions are included in the box. The 3-year Limited Warranty gives you coverage for parts, labor, and the chair’s framework. Some assembly is required. The chair is made in China.

Note: All chairs are curbside delivery and not delivered into your home. There is no white glove service or deliveries from trucking companies on weekends or holidays.

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Final Thoughts

Browse our website for top brands in massage chairs. Read customer reviews for customer experiences. Compare brands and prices for features you must have. Choose the best chair for comfort, relaxation, and a great massage experience.

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