Top 10 Best Electric, Manual, Lightweight, and Transport Wheelchair Reviews—2019

When you need a best wheelchair for trips to the doctor, getting around your house, or getting into and riding in the van, or play on sports courts, this review will help you make your decision for your specific needs. Wheelchairs offer mobility for children and adults, even those who are heavier in the body, but not necessarily overweight. There are times you might want to keep your spine perfectly aligned with a back-support cushion or a seat cushion.

For the elderly or immobilized, think no more of sitting all day in one place feeling sad and blue every day. Check out the many options and inspiring features to give you freedom of movement for a measure of empowerment and liberation for an improved quality of life.

[h3line h3-text=”1. Types of Wheelchairs“]

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  • Active
  • Airplane
  • Bariatric (obesity)
  • Custom Lightweight
  • Geriatric (elderly)
  • Heavy-Duty/High-Weight Capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Pediatric (children)

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  • Pool and Beach
  • Rehab Shower Commode
  • Sport
  • Standard
  • Standing Up
  • Tilt/Recline
  • Transport
  • Ultralightweight


  • Active—wheelchairs are similar to sports wheelchairs being highly maneuverable, very lightweight, with sleek, smooth flowing lines that are aerodynamic. For your fast-moving way of life, you might want to check out this wheelchair for physical activities such as sports with its lightweight frame and detail to structure and design. It is creatively designed and made with you in mind.
  • Airplane—wheelchairs are lightweight and fit down aisles of planes. They are made of airplane-grade aluminum with welded frames to be safe and sturdy. With its swing back armrests, it can be an overall 11-inches and easy for the person pushing you.
  • Bariatric (obesity)—wheelchairs are also known as heavy-duty or extra-wide wheelchairs for weight over 550-pounds with 30-inches of seat width. It has reinforced cross braces with other features for extra weight being durable and safe. Some models are reclining with high backs.
  • Custom Lightweight—are just that and are custom built to your specifications. When you see the word Custom in the brand name, you will know it will be built according to your desires. You will be able to have more choices in frame color, fabric, fabric color, measurements, custom seat-to-floor height, and back height, along with frame weight if you want it to not be too heavy. They take more time to build and ship, but can be worth it if this chair will satisfy your needs.
  • Geriatric (elderly)—known as Geri chairs are padded large chairs with wheels designed to help limited elders having mobility issues. These chairs have more room than transport chairs and are better to lounge in. They are cushioned and usually will recline and have trays. They are heavier and less portable than lightweight wheelchairs. They are usually pushed by another person and are right for home and hospitals.
  • Heavy-Duty/High-Weight Capacity—wheelchairs will accommodate weight ranging from 300- to 850-pounds. These wheelchairs are adaptable to almost all users. They are heavy-duty high-weight capacity wheelchairs for bariatric transporting and using at home.
  • Lightweight—are obtainable from 28- to 38-pounds and is a good choice for those needing to use their wheelchair all the time. They are offered with special options, frames, and different colors of upholstery. Options available are adjustable angle backs, color of the frame, air-filled tires (pneumatic), many varieties of seat and height sizes, with many leg and arm rest selections.
  • Pediatric (children)—wheelchairs are for kids’ disabilities. They can be manual or electric with dual axles for seat-to-floor height, swing-back padded arms with arm releases, with swing away detachable footrests with elevating footrests available.
  • Pool and Beach—wheelchairs go where others can’t go. These are transport type wheelchairs that work well on sandy beaches where others don’t dare to go. They offer water access and some can float.
  • Rehab Shower Commode—wheelchairs roll into the showers for the user to have hygiene independence doing it themselves. A handicap or special made accessible bathroom is necessary. Most of these wheelchairs will roll over the top of a toilet for privacy during your routines.
  • Sport—wheelchairs are used for wheeling in the mountains, doing hoops, and all you might want for adventures. They have options for handcycles, basketball, tennis, and whatever you need for the sports person in you and they are costly.
  • Standard—wheelchairs are self-propelled and weigh about 35-pounds. They are ideal for using less than 4 hours each day. The person sitting in the chair will need to turn the wheels to make it move. These are available in basic models with fixed arm and leg rests to leg rests that elevate and armrests that can be removed. Some models have a hemi height adjustment built on 2 axles. This allows the user to make adjustments from the standard height to the hemi height, or seat-to-floor height. The lower hemi height is about 2-3-inches and allows the user to move this type chair with their feet. It also is a better fit for users who are under 5-feet 2-inches in height. The leg rests can be removed so the feet can be on the floor. These wheelchairs fold up easily for storage and transporting in vehicles. A variety of cushions and some with headrests are available for superior soft comfort and support.
  • Standing Up—wheelchairs lets the user stand in an upright position for psychological benefits by lifting the person up. With the ability to do so, people wheelchair bound can continue to do normal things such as using the bathroom or do tasks standing in one position. It is liberating to the person and these wheelchairs are pricey.
  • Tilt/Recline—wheelchairs are wonderful for those spending a lot of time in their chair. You will want to change positions and the tilt and recline features of these wheelchairs offer this. When you cannot change positions yourself to relieve pressure or soreness, these options make the overall weight of the chair heavier and harder to transport.
  • Transport Manual Wheelchairs—have lightweight frames, 4 small wheels, and are ideal for pushing your loved one around the grocery store, shops, or the city parks. These wheelchairs are not as wide as a standard wheelchair, therefore this is a perfect choice for narrow doorways and halls. Another person will need to push these wheelchairs.
  • Ultralightweight—wheelchairs are available in both folding and rigid models and weigh as little as 14-pounds. These are customizable and built to your specs. They are used by full-time users with great performance.

[h3line h3-text=”2. How to Choose the Right Wheelchair“]

To decide on the best model of wheelchair to buy for your particular needs, you will need to know the kind or type of chair that offers the correct size, dimensions, frame and upholstery materials, and the options you prefer such as moveable arms and footrests. You’ll need to decide if you want it to fold, be manually pushed, or be electric.

Wheelchairs are available everywhere today including online. It might be confusing and frustrating so this guide is to help you with your decision. You might have been prescribed a specific type of chair by your doctor or therapist. You might want one for family and friends who are disabled or elderly needing one when they come to visit you.

A person using the wheelchair themselves will need an automatic one that propels itself. An automatic chair with smaller wheels will need someone to push it.

Folding wheelchairs are good for infrequent use that can be folded up and put into a vehicle for easy transporting. A lighter chair is best for this purpose. Folding wheelchairs weigh from about 33- to 44-pounds. You will need to consider the person who’s folding it up and putting into and out of the vehicle.

[h3line h3-text=”3. Features for Consideration When Considering Buying“]

  • Wheelchair Seat Width—This is a very important consideration when considering a wheelchair. There are sizes to fit everyone’s body. The most common are 16-, 18-, and 20-inches wide. Bariatric wheelchairs are up to 30-inches, while pediatric wheelchairs are about 14-inches.
  • Seat Depth—is done by measuring the front to the back of the wheelchair seat. To do this, measure from the back of the pelvis (rear butt siting) to the back of the shins (front part of the vertebrate leg below the knee) when sitting down straight and not slumped. If you’ve had a wheelchair before, measure it if it was comfortable.
  • Seat-to-floor Height—is done by measuring from the floor to the seat. Make sure the user’s feet are not dragging or too high from the floor, and that tells you the seat-to-floor height is too low or too high.

If the person is used to driving themselves using their feet, then it might be a good idea to get a seat-to-floor height that is lower than their height. Other choices are:

[h3line h3-text=”4. Electric Powered Wheelchairs vs Power Scooters“]

  • A Power Wheelchair is Necessary if—
    • You have limited mobility
    • Maintaining total independence daily at home and elsewhere is important
    • Stability with the weight of a powered wheelchair is critical
    • Insurance will possibly cover the purchase if it is prescribed for a medical condition
  • A Power Scooter is Necessary—
    • If you only need help with mobility at home
    • When you need help with walking without help from others
    • When you can get in bed or out of a chair by yourself
    • When you have no issues with your shoulders or posture
    • Powered scooters need more space to turn so you need to have large floor space in your house
    • Great for using only outside
    • Insurance will probably not pay unless the scooter is used for inside the home

We hope the above guidelines have been helpful for reviewing the wheelchairs shown below that can help you with your needs.  All types are not presented here due to being unavailable or too costly for the average person.

[h2line id=”transport” h2-text=”Best Lightweight Transport Wheelchairs“]

[boxsph3 h3-text=”1. Drive Medical Lightweight Steel Transport Wheelchair“]

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The Drive Medical lightweight steel transport wheelchair model TR39E-SV has full fixed-arms with a 19-inch seat. This model wheelchair is a #1 best-selling self-propelled wheelchair on® for under $100. It is less wide than a manual chair being more comparable to a manual wheelchair with 4 small 8-inch castor wheels and its lightweight steel frame. The caster wheels are durable and made of lightweight PVC (polyvinylchloride). When you find it difficult to get out and about on your own because you are not able to maneuver a wheelchair, this one is perfect for another person or caregiver to push you around. This chair easily gets through narrow halls and doorways typical in homes.

This wheelchair comes in 2 sizes of either 17- or 19-inches and 2 styles of fixed full arms or detachable desk arms to scoot right up to your computer and table. The 17-inch wheelchair is model TR37E-SV. It is a dream to store and transport with its folding back.

The silver color vein frame resists scratching and the upholstery for the back and seat is made of durable black nylon easy to clean and maintain. The ride is smooth, the armrests are padded, the rear wheels lock for safety and stability, and the swing-away footrest is a convenience for you. The leg rests are removable. Don’t forget to put on the built-in seatbelt to hold you snug and keep you safe. You can easily push this over carpet. The overall width of the wheelchair is 23.5-inches open and 10.75-inches closed.


  • Actual Product Weight: 26 lbs.
  • Armrest Length: 14-inches
  • Armrest-to-floor Height: 27-inches
  • Back of Chair Height: 18-inches
  • Brakes: Push-to-Lock Wheel Brakes
  • Casters: 8-inch diameter x 1-inch front and back wheels
  • Folded Dimensions: 33- x 10.75- x 39-inches
  • Seat-to-armrest Height: 8-inches
  • Seat-to-floor Height: 19-inches
  • Width Between Armrest Pads: 16.5-inches
  • Width Between Posts: 16.5-inches
  • Width of Seat Upholstery: 19-inches
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Convenient cup holder can easily attach to chair (sold separately STDS1040S)

California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

See Maintenance and User’s Manual with Warranty here.

Gift-wrapping is available for your family, loved ones, and yourself. It comes fully assembled with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. See the link above for the User’s Manual and Warranty. The wheelchair is made in China.

“How-to” video to use the Drive Wheelchair.

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[boxsph3 h3-text=”2. Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair with Brakes“]

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The Medline model number MDS808210ARE is affordable and a #1 best-selling attendant and transport wheelchair on®. The larger rear wheels offer better performance on uneven surfaces including the outdoors. The handbrakes on top give the driver immediate braking. The brakes are not accessible to the passenger, so this wheelchair needs a driver.

This style lightweight wheelchair is easy to move about and take with you or your caregivers. It is comfortable and so easy to push. The person in the chair and the one pushing the chair will feel secure and safe with the easy-to-use locking 12-inch rear wheels. The wheels are made of polyurethane. The wheelchair comes with a seatbelt to hold the person sitting in it totally in place and safe. The seat height from the floor to top of the seat is about 18-inches and the legs are not adjustable. The foot pads are adjustable to move in and out and have 4 different height positions.

It will fold up to easily to put into a vehicle or store away in a closet when not in use. The seat and back are made of soft and comfortable nylon. Weighing only 23.5 pounds, it is easy to carry up and down stairs. The footrests are detachable, and the armrests are padded and permanent. They do not move nor are they removable; however, they will go under a table. The chair will fit through a 24-inch wide doorway to include the wheels. It rolls easily over carpet.

The aluminum frame is red and powder coated for durability. The back folds down easily and quickly. This wheelchair is comfortable and fits a 300-pound person. It is not designed to use in the shower; the soap and water will ruin the mechanics, bearings, and be a long time drying out.


  • Seat Dimensions: 18- x 16-inches
  • Overall Dimensions: 24.5-inches wide x 22-inches deep x 37-inches high
  • Seat: 19-inches wide x 16-inches deep with layers of reinforced upholstery
  • Back Folds to: 32-high x 24-inches deep x 10-inches wide
  • Front Wheels: 8-inch diameter
  • Chair Width: 23.75-inch open, 12-inches closed.

After you receive your wheelchair, unlock the hand brakes by pulling up on the handle to release.

Gift-wrapping is available for your family, loved ones, and yourself. It comes fully assembled except for the footrest, with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, and User’s Manual. The wheelchair is made in China.

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[h2line id=”electric” h2-text=”Best Electric Wheelchairs“]

[boxsph3 h3-text=”3. BEIZ Folding Electric Power Scooter Wheelchair for Disabled“]

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The BEIZ electric wheelchair is so comfortable to sit in and is good looking too. The model number BZ-6303A-012 is a top seller on® and with many good reasons. The joystick is programmable and the wheelchair is easy to operate. It is foldable to move easily.

The durable frame is made of lightweight aluminum being strong and durable and is paint coated for beauty and long life. The armrests are removable, the backrest flips up, with an anti-tip back castor.

The waterproof seat is made of durable nylon. The footrest swings and has heel loops that are removable.

The battery box is easy and quick to remove for charging that takes about 6 hours. Simply connect the charging cord to your battery and insert into an outlet. You will still be able to move the chair with your feet while the battery is charging.

With the 2 rear-driven big wheels and the 2 small front wheels, you can move about safely. This wheelchair gives you 2 modes of operation: motor-driven or manual. The footrest is adjustable electrically. You can operate this wheelchair with only 1 hand.

The wheelchair has 2 modes of operation. One is Motor-driven, the other is manual mode. You will feel confident driving this chair with its controller and braking system. The wheelchair can be folded up to store conveniently. It is easy to carry and operate, store, and drive into a van.

You can drive it up an inclined ramp of 8-inches (15-degrees) with the stabilizing wheel on the rear.


  • Weight Capacity: 275 lbs.
  • PU (polyurethane) leather armrest with plastic sideboards
  • Driving Range: 12 miles
  • Forward: 0-3.7 miles
  • Backward: 0-1.9 miles
  • Overall Length: 46-inches
  • Folded Length: 32-inches
  • Overall Width: 24-inches
  • Folded Width: 16.7-inches
  • Overall Height: 36.7-inches
  • Folded Height: 36.6-inches
  • Seat Width: 18-inches
  • Seat Depth: 18-inches
  • Seat-to-floor Height: 19.8-inches
  • Backrest Height: 15-inches
  • Armrest-to-seat: 8-inches
  • Armrest Length: 3.7-inches
  • Tires Turning Radius: 29-inches
  • Front Tires: 8-inch diameter
  • Rear Tires: 22-inch diameter
  • Weight with Battery: 90-pounds
  • Battery Weight: 19.8 lbs.
  • Battery: 24V, 12Ah
  • Motor: 250W Battery

Gift-wrapping is available for your family, loved ones, and yourself. It comes with a User’s Manual. Warranty information is unavailable. The electric wheelchair is made in China.

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[boxsph3 h3-text=”4. Drive Medical Cirrus Plus HD Power Wheelchair“]

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The Drive Medical heavy-duty folding power 14-inch wheelchair rear-wheel drive model number CPN18FBA is so comfy with its general foam padded seat cushion. It is also available in 18- and 20-inches. The lightweight steel double-cross brace carbon steel frame makes it portable and easy to transport your passenger then store the chair away if not needed daily. The attractive carbon steel frame with silver vein finish with its adjustable tension back upholstery is easy to adjust to fit you perfectly. The armrests are padded, have height adjustments for comforting your arms or removing entirely.

You will appreciate the swing-away footrests with heel loops. You can also buy elevating leg rests sold separately, part number CPELR. A seatbelt is provided to hold the passenger in securely and safely. What’s more are the flat-free, no marring tires that are remarkable and durable with no tipping of the wheels that manually can be set to lock. The programmable controller and adjustable length controller mount are also features of this wheelchair. The chair will fit through 26-inch wide doorways.

Let’s not forget the storage pouch on the back. You can reach around and grab something or someone else can do it for you.

The Cirrus Plus folding power chair has been tested and surpassed the ANSI REENA testing requirements, providing consumers with added security.


  • Overall Length: 42.5-inches
  • Overall Width: 26-inches
  • Overall Height: 36-inches
  • Actual Weight: 146 lbs.
  • Primary Color: Black
  • Primary Material: Steel
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Seat Width: 18-inches
  • Seat Depth: 16-inches
  • Seat-to-floor Height: 18.5-inches
  • Number of Wheels: 4
  • Wheelchair Weight Without Battery: 90 lbs.
  • Steering Type: Joystick
  • Max Speed: 5.5 mph
  • Anti-Tip Wheels: Yes
  • Batteries: 2 – 12V, 36Ah
  • Battery Weight: 56 lbs.
  • Climbing Angle: 6 degrees
  • Turning Radius: 35-inches
  • Brakes: Electromechanical

Gift-wrapping is available for your family, loved ones, and yourself. It comes with a User’s Manual. A Lifetime Warranty covers the frame; Warranty on Electronic Controller/Drive Train Components is 14-months; and the Warranty on the Batteries is 12-months. The electric wheelchair is made in China.

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[h2line id=”scooters” h2-text=”Best Electric Mobility Scooters“]

[boxsph3 h3-text=”5. SHOPRIDER® Sunrunner 4 Personal Travel Scooter“]

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The SHOPRIDER® 4 model number 888B-4BGRD is a mid-size 4-wheel scooter to hold a 300-pound driver. The unit comes standard with a deluxe captain’s seat that can accommodate most users. It has an adjustable tiller for added user comfort. It is available optionally with a full lighting package adding turn indicators and hazard lights.

The sliding and swivel seat makes it easy to get in and off the seat. With its wicker basket, you can store items and the mirror lets you see what’s behind you. The headlight package gives you light in the dark.

The maximum speed is 6 mph with a 25-mile battery life. The ground clearance is 3-inches and it rides over grass and other foundations with ease. This rider is great to have in retirement communities, riding around the neighbor to visit with the neighbors and going to stores; be sure to lock it to a bike rack securely when shopping.


  • Overall Dimensions: 58-inches long x 23-inches wide x 43-inches high
  • Tires: 2 10-inch front and back
  • Weight: 180 lbs.
  • Each Battery Module: 24 lbs.
  • Battery: 12V 35Ah x 2
  • Offboard Charger: 5A
  • Output Power of Motor: 1 HP
  • Turning Radius: 50-inches
  • Handlebar: T-Bar
  • Backup Beep: Yes

Gift-wrapping is available for your family, loved ones, and yourself. The User’s Manual is here. The Warranty for parts is 3-months with a Limited Warranty for other issues. The Scooter is made in China.

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[boxsph3 h3-text=”6. Pride® Mobility Go-Go® Elite Traveller® Mobility Scooter“]

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The Pride® Mobility Plus 4-wheel scooter model SC54 with its compact design lets you maneuver in tight spaces for outdoor stability. You will enjoy having the one-hand style for turning, the charger port in the tiller, easy disassembly with a greatest speed up to 4.5 mph. It’s easy to tour the neighborhood and parks on this electric scooter. A basket on the front lets you keep your cell phone and other items with you. It will hold a 300-pound person. Take a hike around your area, over the grass, and to visit your friends.

It easily breaks down to 4 pieces to put into a vehicle. It comes with a charger to plug the cord into a USA 110/120-Volt receptacle and takes 8-10 hours to recharge, so plug it in when you go to bed after using it all day.


  • Model: Elite Taveller Plus 4-Wheel
  • Front Tires: 2- x 8-inch solid
  • Rear Tires: 3- x 9-inch solid
  • Ground Clearance at Frame: 3-inches
  • Ground Clearance at Motor: 1.5-inches
  • Turning Radius: 45.72-inches
  • Overall Length: 40.25-inches
  • Overall Width of Base: 21.25-inches
  • Seat-to-ground Height Range: 20.5- to 22-inches
  • Seat: Compact, foldable, 17×17-inches
  • Weight: 87 lbs.
  • Seat-to-deck Height: 16.25- to 17.75-inches
  • Battery Weight: 14 lbs. each—17Ah battery pack weighs 29.5 lbs.
  • Battery Requirements: 18Ah x 2
  • Max Range per Charge: Up to 8.3 miles
  • Battery Charger: Off-board, 2A

Gift-wrapping is available for your family, loved ones, and yourself. You will receive a User’s Manual and 2-year Lifetime Limited Warranty on the frame and a 2-year Limited Warranty on electronics and drivetrain. Some assembly is required.  The chair is made in China.

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[h2line id=”pediatric” h2-text=”Best Pediatric Wheelchairs“]

[boxsph3 h3-text=”7. Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair for Children and Adults“]

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The Drive Medical manual 18-inch wheel chair model number BLS18FBD-SF is a #1 best seller in wheelchairs on®. With its swing-away footrests with calf straps and flip-back detachable arms, it will fit under a desk or table. It is good for children and all people in between, including seniors. The footrests are adjustable to move up and down.

Users can control this chair with easy flexibility or someone can push them. The innovative design and construction offers mobility to every user. The nylon 18-inch seat is ergonomically padded for comfort and strength.

This chair rolls when folded to move easy to your vehicle or closet for transporting and storage. The back as a pouch to carry items along with you. The solid durable rubber tires are mounted on composite wheels and will push to lock in place for safety and security. The black cross-braced frame is strong to beef up the wheelchair’s strength. The other portion of the frame is a striking blue powder coated color over the steel. This chair will hold a person’s weight to 250-pounds. A seatbelt is not included and can be ordered using part number STDS850.


  • Width: 24-inches
  • Width Closed: 12.5-inches
  • Height: 36-inches
  • Seat-to-floor Height: 19.5-inches
  • Back Height: 16-inches
  • Seat Dimensions: 18-inches wide x 16-inches deep
  • Length with Riggings: 42-inches
  • Anti-tip Bars: Yes

Gift-wrapping is available for your family, loved ones, and yourself. You will receive a User’s Manual and 3-year Limited Warranty. Some assembly is needed. The chair is made in China.

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[boxsph3 h3-text=”8. Wheelchair88 Foldawheel Electric Motorized Wheelchair for Kids and Adults“]

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The Wheelchair 88 model PW-1000XL is the newest and latest for 2017. It is a high seller on® to be used by kids, adults, and elders. The chair is battery powered and only weighs 57-pounds with the battery. It will support 330 pounds and folds or opens in only 2 seconds. This chair is a wider version of Wheelchair88’s lightweight powered chair. It is good looking, comfortable, easy to operate and ride in. The seat back does not recline.  It is the lightest model available in the heavy-duty portable power chair category from this manufacturer. This chair has a much faster speed at up to 5 mph.

Being easy to open and close, it is very compact to fit into smaller vehicles or car trunks. The 18-inch cushion is roomy and comfortable with 19-inches between the armrests.

The motor uses no brushes, and is very powerful and quiet. The rear tires are 10-inches in diameter for feeling just right and never bulky. This chair also has 4-spring suspension for even more comfort when going over cracks or bumps. It goes backwards too.

With the joystick controller, the connection can be easy detached without removing the entire cable. For safety and support, this wheelchair has anti-tilt support.

You will like having the free thick and strong travel bag that comes with the wheelchair. This chair model will hold 3 batteries for 3 times the distance traveling. The charger can be used globally. One battery will run up to 9.3 miles when fully charged.

For anyone—young kids, teenagers, adults, and elders, no matter what you physical challenges might be, this chair is sure to please. You will feel a better sense of independence when you can pull it up to a table or desk and drive it through narrow openings. The wheelchair can be used and pushed without power.

The wheelchair comes with a certificate MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery Pack for airplanes.


  • Seat Depth: 18-inches
  • Seat Height: 18-inches
  • Seat Width: 19-inches
  • Seat Height from Ground: 18.5-inches front end, back end
  • Folded Size: 14.2-inches long x 26.4-inches high x 23.6-inches wide
  • Opened Size: 36.2-inches long x 35-inches high x 23.6-inches wide
  • Packing Size: 15.8-inches long x 30-inches high x 28.4-inches wide
  • Turning Radius: 31.5-inches
  • Full Charge Max Distance: 1 battery 8 miles
  • Full Charge Max Distance: 2 batteries 16 miles
  • Full Charge Max Distance: 3 batteries 24 miles
  • Charge time for 1 Battery: 4 hours
  • Slope/Incline: 13-degrees
  • Battery Type: Polymer Lithium Ion
  • Motor: Brushless for 50% more efficiency than those with brushes
  • Motor Power: 250W x 2 units
  • Battery: 24V, 4A, 96W/hr
  • Front Wheels: Black, 7-inch
  • Back Wheels: Black, 10-inch
  • Frame: Aircraft quality aluminum alloy
  • Tires Material: Rigid PU (polyurethane), front tires solid, rear tires filled
  • Armrests: Raise up
  • Footrest: Foldable
  • Backrest Push Handles Height Adjustment: Yes

Chair Dimensions

Gift-wrapping is available for your family, loved ones, and yourself. You will receive a User’s Manual by e-mail, a free travel bag, and 1-year Limited Warranty. Customer service is provided worldwide for support any place you might be. It works worldwide as the charger is 100/230-Volts. Specify the type of power cord you need for your country and you can also use a multiple adapter for different country’s plug point. If you use 110/120-Volt current in the USA, you will need a 220/240-Volt adapter outside in other countries. Some assembly is required. The chair is made in Malaysia.

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[h2line id=”commode” h2-text=”Best Rehab Shower Commode“]

[boxsph3 h3-text=”9. MJM International 2-in-1 Commode and Shower Wheelchair“]

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The MJM International 2-in-1 wheelchair model will give you multiple functions with rear locking castors for safety. The footrests are detachable and the commode seat is made of PU (polyurethane), a hard-durable plastic. The commode is removable for the chair to fit over an elongated elevated toilet bowl. The bowl can only be 17-inches tall and 14-inches wide at the back 2 wheels to fit. The potty bowl inserts and removes from the rear of the chair. Read all specifications below for all measurements.

This versatile chair can be used as a mobile toilet or bedside commode. It is just what some people need in the shower for hygiene. Sit down in this and enjoy a warm sudsy shower.

The chair is strong and durable with a steel frame powder coated. It will hold a 250-pound person. The wheelchair is light at 20-pounds without the footrests for easy mobility. The 10-quart commode container has a cover, drop-down armrests that can be removed entirely, and rear wheels that lock. The footrests are also detachable and swivel outwards.

It does not come with a seatbelt yet a wide pants belt would work just fine. The chair does not fold or collapse. The back is set at 90-degrees and does not move. The arms drop front to back after removing 2 pins.


  • Width Between Arms: 17.5-inches
  • Floor-to-seat Height: 20.5-inches
  • Wheel-to-wheel Width: 18-inches
  • Wheel-to-wheel Depth: 20.5-inches
  • Wheel-to-handle Height: 37-inches
  • Floor Clearance: 7.25-inches
  • Seat: 17- x 17-inches

Gift-wrapping is available for your family, loved ones, and yourself. You will receive a User’s Manual. Warranty information is unavailable. Some assembly is needed. The chair is made in China.

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[boxsph3 h3-text=”10. Invacare® Top End® Crossfire T6 Rigid Wheelchair“]

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The Invacare® model number CRF wheelchair features simple uncluttered lines with a custom-built rigid ultra-lightweight open or cantilever 6061T6 aluminum frame design for a better fit and excellent performance. It is best suited for sports, not an elder. It is easy to transfer a person into this chair with its one tube frame, and it has a well-designed 4.25-inch center of gravity. The back-angle adjustments are easy to do for your fit. The upholstery is a cool breathable black mesh.

The chair’s back can be folded down or set to a fixed position having adjustments for tension and height. The footrest height is adjustable as well.

The tall rear wheels have high-pressure clincher tires with anodized aluminum hand rims and quick-release axles. The front casters are semi-pneumatic in 4-inch or 5-inch diameter. Inset bearings are in the front forks.


  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Seat Depth: 14- 20-inches
  • Seat-to-floor Height: 16- 21-inches front; 14- 21-inches rear
  • Seat Width: 12- to 20-inches

Make tracks around the basketball or tennis court in this responsive sports chair that you propel. It will need your athletic skills with upper body power for the chair to perform the way you want it to. Other physical assets will be your sense of balance, steadiness, and overall strength.

The T6 chair fits though narrow openings to get you to the other side. While it doesn’t fold down entirely, it will easily fit into a vehicle, bus, van, or truck. It will tip backwards if you put a ton of heavy stuff back there unless you are strong to keep it upright.

Gift-wrapping is available for your family, loved ones, and yourself. You will receive a User’s Manual. Warranty information is unavailable. Some assembly is needed. The chair is made in China.

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Center-of-Gravity—is the mid-point or center of the weight of an object or body’s weight distribution. For people, it is the mid-pelvic cavity between the pelvis. Be careful when you bend and get in and out of the chair. Moving about will change the balance and center of gravity. That’s one reason wheelchairs have anti-tilt back stabilizers—so you won’t dump out backwards. Try it out reaching and bending before getting on your trip to the park.

Leaning, Bending, Reaching—When you bend forward, engage the wheel locks. Don’t try to bend forward to pick something up off the floor thinking you can do that between your knees. It won’t work.

Up Ramps—Make sure nothing is in your way to cause you to tip backwards like a backpack or walker that is heavy and not stable. Be sure your anti-tip wheels work then sit down and fasten yourself in with the seatbelt. Center the chair at the base end of the ramp and start slowly climbing it. This might take a few tries to do. Do not exceed the incline of the wheelchair or electric scooter.

Down Ramps—Gravity will be working against you for this. Center your chair, fasten seatbelt, and start down slowly with extreme caution. Don’t lean forward; a torso or chest strap would hold you tightly. Slow down when coming to the flat landing then come to a stop.

  • Lock the brakes getting in or out of your wheelchair or scooter. If it’s an electric power chair, be sure the power is turned off.
  • Before transferring, lift the footrests, or adjust them to get in and out safely.
  • Don’t put heavy items on the back of the wheelchair. When transferring, the wheelchair will tip backwards.
  • Do clip or fasten flashing lights, taillights, red lights, and flags when going out at nighttime. This lets people see you quickly.
  •  Don’t force the wheelchair up or down ramps, any incline, slopes, or stairs. Slopes going horizontal to the curve can tip the chair sideways going downhill with you in the chair.
  • Frequently replace castors and wheels especially if you feel like you are moving side-to-side in the wheelchair when traveling fast.
  • Some wheelchairs do well in the rain and some do not. Be sure to check that out in your User’s Manual. You don’t want the wheels to slip to cause an accident from loss of traction. The controls should not get wet with an electric wheelchair.
  • Avoid wheelies going up and down curbs.
  • Servicing and maintaining your wheelchair is as necessary as changing the oil and inflating the tires on your vehicle. If you use your wheelchair infrequently, once a year will be enough. However, if you use it daily, be sure the battery is always charged so you can be ready to go. Take it to a service technician when you have indications of any problems.
  • A Shiatsu neck and back massage cushion will give you pinpoint massage with deep kneading, rolling, vibrating and heat functions when your body is sore, tired from sitting, and you need to be pampered.
  • The most frequent trips to the repair shop will be servicing the battery, joysticks, seatbelts, armrests, the joints at the armrests, front wheel assembly, rear wheels and motor assembly, leg guards, footrests, controller electronics and cable, and cushions.

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Each day it’s about someone’s comfort and ability to be independent and mobile. Find a comfort zone for your loved ones, friend, or even yourself with a liberating wheelchair. It will take you away from sitting alone in four walls to journey as far as it can go for the time it has to do it with its power, or the person’s power pushing you.

Read the reviews people share with readers for their experiences with wheelchairs. Come back often and enjoy your journey through life’s many doors.

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