Homedics Massager Reviews

homedics massager Choose from three distinct massage styles with the Quad Shiatsu Pro Massage Cushion.

Nothing is more relaxing after a long day of work than a deep tissue massage.  Unfortunately, we all don't have a personal masseur at our beck and call. Massage chairs, portable seats, and neck massagers are ways we can enjoy the benefits of a spa massage in the comfort of our homes. A high-quality Homedics Massager will work out all your knots and kinks, while helping you to unwind and relax. They are also able to lower your blood pressure and help reduce stress.

Most of us tend to carry tension and stress in our backs, shoulders and necks. It is something we can't control, and often don't realize until our shoulders are hunched up near our ears. The good news is there are a variety of quality HoMedics neck and back massagers that can have you feeling relaxed and pain-free in no time. HoMedics is a brand, founded in 1987, whose high-quality massagers, cushions, and pillows have gained them a positive industry reputation. They have a loyal customer base and top-notch customer service.

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HoMedics Brand

The HoMedics brand is all about creating a healthy home environment where you are able to relax your body, de-stress, and simplify your life. They are a leading innovator of modern massage technology. Since not everyone has the money or time to get regular professional massages, we have compiled an honest review of a few HoMedics massager. Our feature massager is the HoMedics Quad Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat.

In our massager review section, we will take a closer look at the several massagers available and compare them to the HoMedics Quad Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat. Whether you're on the hunt for a fullback massager or are looking for the ultimate neck massage, there’s something for everyone. We hope this information helps you make the best buying decision.

What Is The HoMedics Massager Quad Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat?

The HoMedics Quad Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat is one of the brand's top-selling cushion massagers.  It is the perfect option for those who don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a free-standing massage chair.  The unit can be placed on any couch or chair as long as the surface is stable.

The various massage nodes operate according to the Japanese healing practice of shiatsu. Shiatsu is a deeply penetrating massage suited for people who enjoy a more forceful level of pressure. The massage action is designed to run up and down the length of your back. Doing so allows it to reach the back’s major muscle groups. As you sit, you can enjoy the relief from tension and aches.

Features of HoMedics Massager

The massager features three distinct massage settings: percussion, kneading, and rolling. The percussion setting offers a fast and invigorating massage, whilst the kneading setting reaches deep into the muscle. For a gentle, relaxing massage, the rolling setting is ideal. The wide array of choices allows you to customize your massage to your needs, offering faster relief from stress, tension, and sore muscles.

Each setting can be combined with heat to help further relax strained and tired muscles. However, the unit is not without limits. It cannot be used lying down. It also can’t be used in a reclining position. That said, the massage rollers are durable and provide a surprising amount of pressure. For the price, it's a great deal.

Product Specs of HoMedics Massager

The HoMedics Quad Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat comes fully assembled and ready for use. Simply plug it in and enjoy! The product specifications for the cushion are as follows:

  • Three Massage Styles in one cushion
  • Percussion: For fast, invigorating massage
  • Kneading: For deep muscle comfort
  • Rolling: For gentle, relaxing massage
  • Soothing heat provides comfort to tight muscles
  • Zone Control allows you to select full back, upper back, lower back, or spot for a customized massage
  • Convenient, easy-to-use hand control
  • An integrated strapping system so it fits easily on most chairs

Pricing of HoMedics Massager

The HoMedics Quad Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat can be purchased for between $170-240.00. We feel that is a decent price for such a well made cushion massager.

How Homedics Massager Compares

We picked a couple of similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

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HoMedics Quad Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat

Price: $170-240.00                   $$$ out of $$$
Ease of Use: Easy                     4 out of 5 stars
Assembly Time: 10 min           4 out of 5 stars
Design Quality: Fair                 3 out of 5 stars
Warranty Limited: 1-year        4 out of 5 stars

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HoMedics Triple Shiatsu Massage Cushion With Heat

The Triple Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat from HoMedics gives you an easy hands-free massage experience. The cushion back design makes it a good choice for use at home or office. It is able to strap around most chairs, so you can have a massage without another person helping. The relatively heavy weight of the unit, eleven pounds, keeps it stable as it massages you. The design works well for the most part, but it is not flawless. You cannot make it focus on a single spot at once, so targeted muscle control is impossible.

The unit has several modes of use. There are both low or high-intensity settings; each begins with an outward motion. The motion can be reversed for a different sensation. The massager has an optional heating to relax you further and improve circulation to your muscles. Heat also makes the muscles more pliable and responsive to the massage. The handheld control is easy to operate. One button starts the massage, another the heat. As a safety feature, the heating function won't turn on unless the massage function is active. An LED indicator light alerts you when the heat is running.


The demo button activates a preset 15-minute routine that offers a sampling of all the massager's features. The unit has an auto shut off after 15 minutes. HoMedics recommends that you not run the machine longer than that. One last, but important, note is you should get comfy before your massage starts. The machine can pinch you if you try to adjust your body while it is actively massaging.

Price: $129-179.00                    $$ out of $$$
Ease of Use: Easy                      4 out of 5 stars
Assembly Time: 10 min            4 out of 5 stars
Design Quality: Good               4 out of 5 stars
Warranty Limited: 1-year         4 out of 5 stars


  • Adjustable intensity
  • Programmed controller
  • Integrated strapping system
  • Heated


  • Too intense for some users (it is Shiatsu after all)
  • Not Durable
  • Not suited for taller people

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HoMedics Percussion Pro

Another Homedics Massager, the HoMedics Percussion Pro Handheld Massager utilizes pressure and heat for its massage. The unit comes with two sets of interchangeable heads for a customizable experience that meets a variety of tension relief needs. The heads each twist on and off easily. The dark gray head offers a softer massage and the light gray head firmer impact.

The massager has two pressure settings, high and low. The heads pivot and quickly pound the skin’s surface. If you require a softer touch, the soft head on a lower setting is a good choice. The harder head has less give than its softer counterpart, affording a higher impact and targeted therapeutic aid. The head is ideal for impacting deeper muscle groups. The high-speed setting reaches up to 3,100 beats of impacts per minute. The slide switch allows you to adjust the massage speed as needed. Settings can be changed mid-massage, so you can alter the massage as you target different areas.


Since the massager uses so much percussive power, you must grip it firmly for optimal performance. That is one of the reasons it was designed with an ergonomic handle. It keeps you to keep you in control. The ability to add heat to the experience is also an obvious bonus. You can activate and deactivate the heat setting at any time. This massager uses a cord with a polarized plug for power. It has no wireless settings. The cord gives the unit more power, but it also limits where the massager can be used. Given that the HoMedics Percussion Pro offers a variety of customized massage experiences, changeable heads, and overall power, it is an excellent option for handheld therapeutic massage and relaxation.

Price: $108-140.00                $$ out of $$$
Ease of Use: Mid                   3 out of 5 stars
Assembly Time: 0 min          4 out of 5 stars
Design Quality: Fair              3 out of 5 stars
Warranty Limited: 1-year      4 out of 5 stars


  • Heated or Cooled
  • Dual Head Percussion
  • Interchangeable Massage Nodes


  • Cord prone to breaking
  • Not strong enough of a massage for some
  • Not suited for self-massage

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HoMedics Shiatsu and Vibration Neck Massager

The HoMedics Shiatsu Plus Neck Massager with Heat delivers a deeply penetrating shiatsu massage.  It uses vibration to relieve tension and encourage relaxation anytime, anywhere. The unit’s controller is integrated.  You can use it to choose between a kneading, highly penetrative shiatsu massage, a more relaxing vibration massage, or both. The ability to add heat for deeper neck and shoulder massages with more tension relief is a bonus.

It is important to mention the HoMedics Shiatsu is made solely for the neck. The pillow-like massager weighs in at only 2.3 pounds, making it easy to use and transport. The massager's level of intensity can be changed using the flex handles. Simply pulling the handles causes the massager to penetrate more deeply into your neck. The unit works best when the user is seated at a 45-degree angle. However, it can be used lying down as well.


It is versatile enough that repositioning the device allows you to massage the tops of your shoulders as well as your neck, despite technically being a neck only massager. Some users even have said they use it for their legs. The vibration is not too strong, and if you have a stiff neck, you will likely love this device. However, we should mention the material of the pillow can be a little abrasive after long use. Beware if you have sensitive skin. The heating function is also very efficient, maybe overly so, so it may be too hot for some users.

Price: $34-45.00                     $ out of $$$
Ease of Use: Easy                   4 out of 5 stars
Assembly Time: 10 min         4 out of 5 stars
Design Quality: Fair               3 out of 5 stars
Warranty Limited: 1-year      4 out of 5 stars


  • Heated
  • Integrated control
  • Flexible handles


  • Gets too hot
  • Too large for smaller and/or female neck sizes
  • Too aggressive of a massage for some

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Conclusion - Which Homedics Massager is Right for You?

So which Homedics Massager is best for you? Our final verdict is that the HoMedics Quad Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat is an excellent choice if you want a diverse back massager. While it does not offer the flexibility to use the handheld models do, it has more power and impacts a larger body area. The massager does not reach the neck or upper shoulders, but often relieving tension in your back lessens those issues. For that reason, we don't prefer any of the handheld models or neck and shoulder massagers over the Quad cushion.

The HoMedics Triple Shiatsu massager has slightly fewer options than the Quad. We feel the slight difference in price for the Quad was worth it for a more rounded machine. We like the heated feature on both models. Also, since not everyone likes or needs a full-on Shiatsu massage, it is good the Quad has multiple settings. One massager could serve the needs of multiple people with different massage preferences.

Of all the HoMedics massager we reviewed, we have to give the HoMedics Quad Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat $$$ out of $$$. It was the highest priced massager on our list, but it also offered the most features. To us, it is worth every penny.






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