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Pain drains the life force energy right out of you. It zaps your every moment. It’s hard to concentrate on anything but your pain. Your quality of life is affected to the degree of hopelessness.

You can gain a measure of relief by using the TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) with some having both functions in one fantastic unit. A TENS unit stimulates nerve endings while the Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) unit stimulates muscles.

Until the last few years, whenever you wanted to have electrical stimulation you had to visit your chiropractor or therapist and that was relatively expensive. Now you can save that money and buy your own unit to use as often as you like in the comfort of your own home, at the office, or when traveling. Some people have eliminated pain medication altogether from their daily lives when they started using the TENS and/or EMS units.

Here at painawaydevices.com concise information is presented with pictures of top brands for lessening many types of pain. Browse and check out the many features that are offered from top of the line TENS and EMS devices.

The goal of our websites for massagers, pillows, and cushions is to provide you with relevant and up-to-date statistics for current pain relief methods. Having had many years in the field of pain management, experiences can be shared with readers on this site. Being compassionate with patients, it would be great to make pain go away forever magically. New TENS and EMS units will be evaluated and reviewed when they become available in the marketplace. Handheld massagers, lumbar back support cushions for sitting and driving, and advice and tips are discussed. There are combination types of neck support and lumbar support in one unit that help relieve pain. You can find neck, back, and foot pain relief sources and back braces too. Sleep better with sound and white noise units for a peaceful and restful full night’s sleep. Massage chairs offer a total body experience to relieve stress and pain.

It’s best to alleviate pain without using prescription pain medication if you possibly can. Bioelectric stimulators and a more holistic approach to pain management do work. Healthiness and well-being are yours when you strive for it.


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I have an enlarged prostate gland and I am a long-haul driver. I’d like the Dr.’s preference for the best results for my situations.


    1. Reply to Allen Carter:
      As an OT in private practice treating chronic pain, I would recommend the Kabooti cushion. It has a generous cutout for the area you described and is a supportive gel in a reverse incline or wedge shape. This alleviates pressure as well due to the biomechanics of the wedge shifting weight towards the back of your legs and away from your sacrum.

      1. Hi Jennifer,

        Thanks for recommending the Kabooti cushion to Allen Carter. I suggested to him to see his urologist at once for his prostate condition as well as the cushion(s).

        Best regards,
        Dr. Jean Farber

    2. Hi Allen,

      Any of the cushions on this page might help your lower pain. A Kabooti cushion is in the margin that is suggested by Jennifer Burke, Occupation Therapist (OT). However, I strongly suggest you see your urologist to have your prostate gland checked immediately. It can cause cancer you know and is nothing to ignore.

      Thanks for your demanding work semi-truck driving to bring us all what we need!

      Best regards,
      Dr. Jean Farber

  2. Thank you for this site! I have gotten to the point where I can barely sit to read or drive (and my work involves a lot of sitting) because of pain in what is maybe my piriformis muscle. The cushions that have a coccyx cut out are of no help; it’s the pressure of almost any seat that causes my butt to hurt. Would love to find something that I can sit on comfortably!

    1. Hi Ellie,

      This is the piriformis muscle where you think you have your pain:
      I suggest you go to your chiropractor to see if your lower lumbar tailbone (coccyx) is not compressing on your sciatic nerve. It will never get better until you know the cause of your pain.

      In the meantime, you can try this cushion without the cutout here or check out cushions at this website here. Some do not have the cutout at the rear on this page.

      Best regards,
      Dr. Jean Farber

  3. Hi, I recently had an anterior cervical discectomy. I still have unresolved bilateral radiculopathy in my legs that is possibly either stemming from regenerating nerves trapped in the cervical area or the lumbar region (which won’t be addressed for another 18 months to allow for maximum healing in cervical region if radiculopathy doesn’t abate). Bottom line, I have cervical stenosis, cervical myelopathy, and cervical radiculopathy along with paresthesia in arms and feet. I am on disability and am 44. I am female which I find poses a different need (at least for me) in looking for the right and most accommodating coccyx/lumbar cushion. I used to weigh 265 about 4 yrs ago. Now due to not working, illnesses, meds, etc. I am down to 160. I have virtually no bottom. I am currently relegated to sleeping and lounging on the recliner which would seem comfortable but to me it is anything but(t), because I don’t have one anymore. My bottom is bony and hurts all the time no matter where I sit so I need an awesome cushion. I currently have one but it is causing frequent runs to the bathroom to urinate and not allowing enough air to circulate in that region if you catch my drift. In addition, I just cannot seem to find a comfortable position on the cushion any longer that is therapeutic nor comfy. I need stability, comfort overall, and female accommodation. Any of your cushions or any other cushions fit that bill? Currently I have the memory foam that doesn’t seem to give at all, and is the horseshoe shape. I purchased it off of Amazon a few years ago it is by Travelmate.

    1. Hi Andrea,

      I understand your discomfort. I think you might try a softer cushion but still with support. You can check with your chiropractor too because they know what’s best for you. Take a look at this cushion here: http://www.painawaydevices.com/chirodoc-coccyx-cushion/

      Read about more cushions here: http://www.painawaydevices.com/best-seat-cushions/#item10. Kieba Gel Memory Foam Seat Cushion would work for you.

      Best regards,
      Dr. Jean Farber

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