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Quality of rest is crucial for your quality of life. On average, Americans get 6.8 hours of sleep per night. Over the course of a decade that is an impressive 24,820 hours! Imagine how productive you could be if you spent all that time refreshing your mind and healing your body after a long, hard day at work or training for a physical competition. Now imagine your bed contains state-of-the-art technology that is clinically proven to relax your muscles and support your joints in any position every night. You don't have to imagine: For less than $1,000 you can buy a Bear mattress today with a risk-free 100 day trial.

What Is A Bear Mattress?

A Bear mattress is a bed in a box mattress specifically engineered for individuals with an active lifestyle. This includes professional athletes, construction workers, athletic competition weekend warriors and warehouse workers. Its cover contains Celliant, which has been clinically proven to aid in muscle recovery. Bear is so committed to physical fitness they donate 1% of every sale to Good Sports Charity which provides equipment, apparel and footwear to children in need who wish to take part in sports.

Product Specs

bear mattress

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The Bear mattress is 10 inches thick with one inch of gel memory foam, 2.5 inches of responsive foam and 6.5 inches of base foam. Most users rate it between a 6.5 and 7.5 on a firmness scale of 1 being soft enough you get stuck and 10 being too firm for individuals who sleep on their sides. It uses Celliant to stimulate blood flow and improve oxygen circulation. It is excellent for back sleepers and very good for side and stomach sleepers. We recommend this bed specifically for individuals with active lifestyles such as athletes and blue-collar workers.


All sizes of this mattress are available for less than $$$.

How It Compares

We picked a couple of similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

Bear Mattress

bed and with white Mattress

Price: $

You can purchase this mattress in a queen for around $850. Prices range from around $500 for a twin to $950 for a California king.

Sleeping Cool:

There are mattresses out there with better cooling technology, but the Bear mattress should keep the average sleeper cool throughout the night.

Motion Transfer:

This mattress does a phenomenal job of absorbing and isolating movement, resulting in a deeper and more restful sleep for your partner when you toss and turn or get out of bed first.

Design Quality:

There are many excellent design features associated with this mattress. It is silent when bearing weight. It is light and easy to carry and move. It conforms to your body to support you and relieve your muscle aches while you sleep deeply each night.


With so many products on the market having lifetime warranties these days, we were a little underwhelmed with the 10-year warranty.


  • Cover made of Celliant which speeds recovery in athletes and other active individuals
  • Graphite gel-infused memory foam locks in heat wicked away from your body by the cover.
  • Responsive memory foam allows you to change positions throughout the night and receive support the entire time. Pressure tests reveal outstanding support for individuals of all weights.
  • Free shipping in the continental U.S.
  • Available for delivery outside the contiguous 48 states


  • There are better warranty options on this list.
  • Weak edge support
  • Required 30-night break-in period for the sleep trial
  • Questionable lifespan as the company is new
  • Only one firmness option

Leesa Mattress

Leesa Original Foam 10" Mattress, King Size, Cooling Foam and Memory...
  • Please allow 24 - 72 hours for your Mattress to regain its full shape. Any memory foam will expand...
  • SUPPORT FOR ALL SLEEPERS: Meticulously designed with all sleep positions in mind (back, stomach, or...
  • SOFT, STYLISH COVER: Featuring Leesa’s signature four-stripe design, this breathable, beautiful...

The Leesa mattress offers bouncy memory foam and is very good for stomach and side sleepers but excellent for back sleepers.  The top layer consists of two inches of Avena foam which is ideal for airflow and cooling throughout the night.  The next layer is two inches of memory foam which contours to your body, pushing up against the pulling nature of gravity on your pressure points.  It quickly adjusts to your new shape every time you move.  The bottom six inches are made of support foam which is sturdy enough for the heaviest of users.

Price: $

This mattress can be purchased for around $890 for a queen-size mattress.

Sleeping Cool:

Many users were disappointed by how warm this mattress slept, especially those in warm climates.  There is nothing more relaxing than sinking into a cool, firm bed after a long, hot day.

Motion Transfer:

The Leesa does a very good job of preventing motion from traveling to the other side of the bed, disturbing your partner. It is, however, the bounciest mattress on this list, tied with the Casper.

Design Quality:

This is a quality mattress for those who want a bouncier memory foam mattress.


Like the Bear mattress, this comes with a 10-year warranty and a 100-night risk-free trial.


  • Fairly generous return policy because you can't try it out before you buy it
  • Great feel thanks to a new breathable foam material called Avena which contours to your body and provides incredible support
  • Online model cuts out many middleman fees such as overhead and commission, so you get a quality mattress for half or a third of the price you would get in a store
  • Comes with a gorgeous porous, two-tone cover that is stretchy, fairly thin, nearly seamless and adds one more element to the cooling technology


  • Strong off-gassing that takes several days to dissipate
  • Many side sleepers complain they need a topper to make this mattress softer
  • Sleeps warmer than many other memory foam mattresses.
  • $100 product return fee for customers outside the 48 contiguous states

Casper Mattress

Casper Sleep Foam Mattress, Queen, 2018 Edition
  • 4-layers of premium foam construction for support, breathability, and bounce
  • Breathable open-cell foams have tiny pores to let hot air escape, keeping you cool at night
  • Combination of softer foam for shoulder region and supportive firm foam for core and hip area

Casper produces a 9.5 inch tall mattress consisting of 1.5 inches of latex to keep you cool when you sleep, 1.5 inches of memory foam to contour to your body even if you toss and turn at night, 1.5 inches of transition foam and 5 inches of support foam. It is firm enough for stomach sleepers, slightly too firm for most back sleepers and noticeably too firm for side sleepers. It does a much worse job of isolating motion than a Bear mattress.

Price: $

You can purchase this product for around $850 for a queen-size before online sales, coupons or other discounts.

Sleeping Cool:

Memory foam is known for trapping an uncomfortable amount of heat. This mattress contains a latex top which has decent cooling effects, just maybe not enough to justify that this isn't a true memory foam mattress.

Motion Transfer:

This bed does not do a terrible job of isolating motion, but there are much better products out there.

Design Quality:

This entire bed is mediocre. The only thing it really has going for it is it is an online retailer, so these mattresses are less expensive than comparable mediocre beds you could buy in a physical store.


As with most other mattresses on this list, Casper only offers a 10-year warranty.


  • Versatile and innovative design
  • No-risk 100-night trial


  • Poor edge support
  • Not a true memory foam mattress - hybrid of latex foam, high-density memory foam and regular foam
  • Too firm to sleep comfortably on your side - must be a back or stomach sleeper
  • One of the first online sellers of mattresses, but still relatively new. No conclusive evidence on the longevity of the mattresses yet.

Loomleaf Mattress

No products found.

Saatva is the dominating brand in the online mattress space. The customer service is outstanding, not working for a commission. They have grown to operate 19 factories throughout the United States, ship coast to coast and was ranked 68 in the Forbes magazine top 100 promising companies. But do the mattresses live up to all the hype? Over 15,000 five star reviews by customers seem to say so. Quick professionals set up the mattress in your home, which is great if you have physical limitations or want to add a head and foot massager to your bed.

Price: $

This mattress can usually be found for around $999 for a queen-size mattress. Before coupons, you can generally find this product for around $700 for a twin to $1,400 for a California king. This competes favorably with in-store mattresses that cost $3-4,000.

Sleeping Cool:

One in 14 people surveyed were not impressed by the way this mattress kept them cool.

Motion Transfer:

This product has outstanding motion absorption and isolation, making it ideal for couples who work separate shifts or sleep lightly with a partner who tosses and turns.

Design Quality:

This bed is a little heavier than others on this list, but it comes with handles on the sides to make it easier to move. It is silent when weight bearing and does not produce off-gassing during the first 30 days like many memory foam mattresses. Side sleepers may require more than a 30 day break-in period.


This is the only mattress on this list with a 15-year warranty. The company is not yet 15 years old, so time will tell the level of support customers will receive when they need this warranty.


  • In-home delivery
  • Gel cooling layer
  • High quality materials
  • No smell/off-gassing
  • Superior to much more expensive brands


  • Depending on your weight and preference you may need to choose the Firm mattress
  • Suboptimal support near the edge of the bed



Image via Unsplash

Buying a mattress is a highly personal choice that involves careful consideration of several factors.  Through years of research, scientists have determined memory foam is the best material on the market today for anyone.  A Bear mattress ticks all the boxes expected of memory foam today: it keeps you cool at night, absorbs any movement from your partner, and offers a warranty and free shipping to the continental United States.  But it does so much more than that.

This 10 inch tall mattress contours to your body no matter which position you sleep in even if you change positions throughout the night.  It does not give off a strong gaseous odor during your first 30 days of owning it.  It does not cause significant sinkage, even in heavier individuals. The soft, thin cover helps with breathability.  It also contains Celliant, a material that aids in recovery by turning body heat into infrared light which improves blood flow, oxygen circulation and temperature regulation.

The top layer of this mattress has a density of four pounds which does a good job of relieving pressure and the graphite infusion works great at temperature regulation, keeping you consistently cool throughout the night.  The middle two layers of this mattress are response layers.  They are both made of 1 inch of Bear's proprietary foam with a three pound density and provides you with some bounce so you don't sink and get stuck in your mattress.  They quickly respond to pressure and act as a transition between the soft memory foam top layer to the harder base.  The bottom 6.5 inches of this mattress are poly foam with a 1.8-pound density.  It is firm enough to support the comfort layers above and lend durability to the mattress.

If the Bear has too much responsive foam and not enough top layer foam for you, the Leesa is a quality choice.  It is also 10 inches tall, consisting of two inches Avena foam on top, two inches of memory foam in the middle and six inches of base foam.  It offers the same risk-free trial period and warranty.  The only difference between these two mattresses is the Leesa is slightly bouncier.  If you are heavier and fear you will feel stuck in your mattress in the morning, this is the mattress for you.

Whatever your lifestyle or sleeping needs, go with a memory foam mattress and you will not go wrong.  Select one mattress on this list and get a risk-free trial of at least 75 days.

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