Best Pillows for Sleep Apnea Reviews and Buying Guide—2019

Sleep apnea can be reduced with special pillows. The best pillows for sleep apnea can reduce snoring and the breathing condition for sleeping on your side comfortably. Studies have shown that sleeping on your back can encourage difficulties in breathing. The upper airways collapse when sleeping supine. Sleep positions using pillows and changing your sleeping position are an inexpensive way to help sleep apnea.

Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) units are used mostly by those sleeping on their backs to have higher pressure treatment with the device. Those with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) can breathe easier with a CPAP machine that increases air pressure in the throat to keep the upper airway from collapsing when you inhale.

[h2line h2-text=”1. Will Pillows Benefit Sleep Apnea?“]

First you need to try sleeping on your side and see how you feel in the morning. Second, do you snore when sleeping? Most people will awaken to their own snoring. If you have no partner, turn on a recorder to check it. Do you know if you have OSA? If you don’t know, you should see your doctor for you to do a sleep study. The test will show your respiratory events while you were sleeping. Sleeping on your side will not help those with mixed or central sleep apnea.

[h2line h2-text=”2. What Is Sleep Apnea?“]

Sleep apnea (say AP-ne-ah) is very common where there are one or more pauses in breathing to include shallow breathing when sleeping. The pauses can last a few seconds to minutes and can happen 30+ times each hour. Breathing will start again with a jolt, snort, or chocking noise. You can usually detect this in yourself. If this condition is chronic (constant) it will disrupt your sleep when your breathing is shallow or has pauses where you are not breathing. You go from light sleep to deep sleep all night and wake up tired the next day.

[h2line h2-text=”3. Who Gets Sleep Apnea?“]

In the USA, 5% of the people have sleep apnea. In 2017, the USA population shows 326 million people. Anyone can have central sleep apnea and it’s most frequent in people with specific medical problems or those taking specified medications from their doctor. Central sleep apnea can happen with OSA or alone and snoring does not occur with central sleep apnea. More than 22 million people suffer from OSA and 80% are not diagnosed.

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If you have not been diagnosed, get that done with your doctor. Sleep apnea not treated medically can cause increases and risk in the following areas:

  • High blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, obesity
  • Worsen heart failure
  • Irregular heartbeats (arrhythmias an alteration in rhythm either in time or force)
  • Increases the possibility of driving accidents and others
  • Falling asleep at the wheel, on the job, and anywhere

Sleep apnea is serious and nothing to play around with. Long-term management is needed with your doctor along with changes in your lifestyle. You might need a CPAP device, mouthpieces, or even surgery. These can provide you with successful treatment.

Sleep apnea can be called other names as well.

  • Central Sleep Apnea (CSA)
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)
  • Sleep Disordered Breathing

If you do not have the symptoms listed above, then a regular bed pillow or wedge pillow might help you sleep better with mild sleeping difficulties.

The pillows reviewed below are for those with sleep apnea using a CPAP or BiPAP device.

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[boxsph3 h3-text=”1. EnduriMed CPAP Memory Foam Contoured Pillow“]

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The EnduriMed CPAP, BiPAP, and APAP pillow is made of new memory foam with contours to reduce the pressure of face and nasal mask pressure, air leaks, and has comfortable neck rests for your sleeping comfort. It can be used by all CPAP sleepers—back, side, and stomach. The dual-sided memory foam consists of polyurethane, polyester, and cotton. This second-generation pillow was designed for your absolute comfort with 2 thickness levels. The model number EM005 pillow is a top seller on® for under $60. One size fits all whether you are small or large.

The dimensions are 22.4-inches wide x 14.6-inches tall x 4.5 inches thick weighing about 2-pounds.

The pressure-free mask zone is dust mite and allergen resistant, giving spine and airway support for mainly side and back sleeping. With its many slope styles, it will fit all types of masks. The pillow comes with 1 pillowcase that is washable.

Gift-wrapping is available for those you love. You will receive instructions and a warranty. The pillow is designed in the USA and made in China.

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[boxsph3 h3-text=”2. Contour Living® CPAPMax Pillow 2.0“]

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The Contour Living® pillow stops noise, pressure, and mask leaks with your CPAP unit. The model number 15-551R is a top selling CPAP pillow on® at under $60. When you have sleep apnea, it is a challenge to get to sleep and stay asleep. If you struggle with getting comfortable with your device, shifting around with a regular pillow and red face lines, this pillow will end that.

The Contour Living® CPAP 2.0 is an orthopedic comfort bed pillow that’s been improved with more upgraded comfort. This is a best pillow for using with your CPAP to get a good night’s sleep restfully.

Before with a standard pillow you will find you get collapsing support that reduces airflow. The hoses interfere causing the mask to pull with air leakage. After using this pillow with pressure-free cutouts, orthopedic support, and spinal alignment you will wonder why you didn’t buy this pillow sooner.

Your PAP therapy with this contoured pillow uses any brand or type of mask. This pillow is truly brilliant! Your head will find comfort in the concave center with a crescent moon shape for your shoulders and face support on all sides to breathe easily with your positive and continual airflow.

It has ventilated support and is adjustable. With its 2 different sleeping surfaces, one side of firm but not hard memory foam with a cool 3D mesh cover for better airflow while the other side is fiber filled for a soft, plush, hypoallergenic fiber fill pillow top. The inside core layers are color coded so you can choose 4 different heights from 2-1/4- to 5-1/4-inches. Find your level of comfort by trying the different heights that suit you best for all night well-being sleeping like a log.

The layers remove so you can change your pillow height for orthopedic support aligning your head, neck, and spine. The 3 foam layers give you more restorative benefits. The top is memory foam so that the pillow molds to your face shape, then a high-resiliency support layer for more support with a charcoal-infused bottom layer to neutralize odors so you’re always sleeping hygienically and fresh.

The improved 3-inch longer tether allows you better control over your air hose to move with you all night long without dislodging your mask or have it leak or shift positions. The pillow is white with blue piping rather than the former model in dreary beige.

The dimensions are 20-inches wide x 13-inches long x 5.2-inches thick weighing about 2.5-pounds.

Gift-wrapping is available for those you love. You will receive instructions and a warranty. The pillow is designed in the USA and made in China.

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[boxsph3 h3-text=”3. Pur-Sleep CPAPfit CPAP Buckwheat Pillow“]

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The Pur-Sleep was designed and created by a man with sleep apnea so he knew what needed to be made to use the CPAP unit for comforting sleep, and he did it. The cover is made of cotton muslin for coolness and dryness. For under $50, this pillow can be yours for tremendous sleep on®.

Buckwheat hulls have been used for eons in Asia for the perfect pillow stuffing that is light and bulky to absorb moisture staying cool in the summer and warm during the chilly winter. This pillow ships to you prestuffed with over 6 gallons of buckwheat hulls with 3% shredded foam. With the semi-rigid quilted shell, the hulls conform to the 4-inch vertical side space between your body and the surface to not shift when you are asleep. That gives you support where you want it. You can adjust the hulls to fit your sleeping position on you back or side.

Side sleepers like a fuller pillow for the space between the shoulder and neck. Removing about a third of the hulls for back sleepers will give therapeutic cervical support and a nest for the back of your head. The hulls stay in place when you sleep.

Stomach sleepers can move the hulls around or remove some to fit that position.

The zippered cover is machine washable and the materials to make the pillow are from the USA. The hulls are cleaned 3 times, are hypoallergenic, and free of any dust. These pillows with buckwheat last longer than other pillows. This pillow will fit into any standard size pillow case to keep it clean and fresh.

The dimensions are 22-inches wide x 16-inches long x 5-inches thick and weighs about 4-pounds.

Pur-Sleep, Inc. products are for aromatic use, not for internal consumption or for topical application. Keep out of the reach of children and avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

Gift-wrapping is available for those you love. You will receive instructions and a 10-year Warranty. The pillow is designed and handcrafted in the USA!

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[boxsph3 h3-text=”4. Blue Chip Medical CPAP Pillow Polyester Fill“]

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The Blue Chip Medical pillow for those with sleep apnea using a CPAP unit will find this pillow comfortable when sleeping on their back or side. The pillow case of polyester and cotton is washable and included for your convenience. The shape of the pillow will improve your sleep and prevents mask and hose constraints for a better night’s sleep. The part number CP-ARC-CB2 on® sells for under $65.

The polyester pillow filling is hypoallergenic and will not clump or move around never being lumpy or clustered to one corner. It is made of USA materials and is medical grade.

Whether you use a CPAP or BiPAP machine, you can use this pillow alone or on top of your regular bed pillow. The center is contoured for your head and the pillow will keep your neck and spine aligned while you sleep. You will wake up refreshed and ready to go. The pillow is high-loft and odor free using no foam.

The dimensions are 25.5-inches wide x 16.5-inches tall x 4-inches thick and weighs about 1.6-pounds.

You will receive instructions and a warranty. The pillow is designed and handcrafted in the USA!

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[boxsph3 h3-text=”5. Respura CPAP Pillow“]
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The Respura CPAP pillow by AG Industries Filtration Group® is created and designed specifically to give CPAP and BPAP users support and comfort wearing their mask. Your head and neck will be supported in comfort all night long while you sleep. The pillow is available on® for under $70.

Your mask and hose will not slip and you will not have pressure sores with this freedom-of-movement pillow. Use the pillow if you wear a full-face mask, nasal, or direct nasal interfaces. A pillow case to fit this pillow is included and is washable.

You will receive instructions and a warranty. The pillow is designed and handcrafted in the USA!

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Final Thoughts

Note: Pillows cannot be returned or exchanged due to hygiene laws. Pillows are non-returnable for a refund because they are a bedding product that people use with their body.

We hope the CPAP pillow reviews here will help you when you are searching for a pillow for sleep apnea. Check reviews on Amazon and sleep well with open airways.

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