Shakti Inc., Ergo21, Liquicell® Coccyx Seat Cushion Review

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Ergo21 Liquicell Coccyx Seat Cushion

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The Shakti Inc., Ergo21, Liquicell® for your lower lumbar coccyx area is even better than gel, foam, gel-foam, or air! The ASIN B00V3O7FV4 on® sells at an affordable price with good customer reviews. This custom formulated high-resilience foam will remember its shape after constant sitting. The soft yet firm cushion is dust mite resistant. Being hypoallergenic, it is best for those having allergies, asthma, and seasonal hay fever.

Measure your special chair or sitting area to be sure the cushion size fits it. The lightweight for any cushion is about 2-pounds.

The cushion cover is made of taslan for being easy to keep clean. Taslan is a high-tech woven polyester fabric that is a strong durable fabric, ideal for products getting intense use. It dries quickly and wicks moisture away from your body so you will never be sweaty or sticky when sitting on the cushion. If it gets soiled or you spill a drink, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth or a cloth in detergent suds, rinse with a damp cloth and allow it to air dry.

Place the back cutout at the rear of your sitting place chair, sofa, recliner, car, or truck to take the pressure off your coccyx lower tailbone area. You can turn it around to use it as a regular cushion with the cutout to the front. When you take your body’s pressure off your tailbone, pain will be relieved.

The cushion will take pressure off your lower tailbone back area where sciatica starts. It will additionally stop numb and tingling sensations including hot spot burning from sitting for long hours. When you relieve pressure point pain, you will feel better about sitting and have better posture. Your spine will be straight and keep its natural curve at the lumbar area. This area is known as the lumbosacral spine, the lower part of your spinal column made up of many small bones to include the lumbar area and sacrum. This part of the spine connects the spine to the pelvis, and these bones can cause pain at their nerve endings as well.

Chiropractors, physical therapists, doctors, and massage therapists recommend coccyx seat cushions for alleviating lower back pain while sitting at home, your office desk chair, bleachers at sports events, cars, pickup trucks, tractor and combine farmers in their fields, airplanes, buses, semi-truckers, those in wheelchairs for added comfort, recliners, on the floor meditating, nursing homes, or any place that is hard on your bottom and lower back. This cushion will also give support for women who are pregnant to give them relief from their extra weight and extending their backs to the rear adding additional strain during their later 9 months or labor-induced coccydynia.

You will be able to sit for longer times with the 4 patents pending LiquiCell® membranes that will reduce fatigue and improve blood circulation by 150%. The wafer-thin cells are just the right thickness for letting your body glide efficiently with the cell material that stays in motion never static.

With its carrying handle, it is portable to take with you anywhere. Don’t suffer another day with butt, groin, hip, and leg discomfort, or with aching, agony, throbbing, and tenderness. You are worth the coccyx seat cushion because you are valuable to your family, friends, and loved ones. It is not a donut-type pillow with the hole in the middle that is painful for people with hemorrhoids.

Just a note to let you know that a cushion that is too small can limit your blood circulation under your thighs. If you have a larger bottom, be sure you get the right size to fit it. The 2 liquid membranes are under the tailbone (coccyx) and the other 2 are under your thighs to stop skin sores and skin problems from vertical pressure when you sit. It’s interesting to know that this technology is also used in hospital beds for burn and stroke patients who cannot move. When people are on the dialysis machine, they sit in a reclining chair for comfort and support. They too receive support for their treatment routine usually being for in-center hemodialysis treatments of 3 times a week depending on what the doctor prescribes, typically 3- to 4-hours each scheduled day.

Gift-wrapping can be done for your family, loved ones, those in hospitals, wheelchairs, and your elders. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product and get a full refund or exchange the product for another one whether it’s similar or not. Ergo21 will even send you a free return shipping label. You can return a product for up to 60 days from the date you bought it. Please keep your receipt. The coccyx cushion is proudly made in the USA.

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