Ergo21 Lumbar Cushion Review

When you feel achy after getting out of your vehicle or getting off your office chair, do you find that your lower middle back aches to the point where you can hardly walk? I do! Get yourself a Shakti Inc., Ergo21 best lumbar cushion for immediate support.

After purchasing this one on Amazon at an affordable price, I felt better for the long haul sitting wherever I dropped. It is the perfect fit for your back sitting in your office chair, high back dining chairs, patio chairs, rocking chairs, truck, SUV, recliner, at home, and when meditating. Long haul 18-wheeler semi-truck drivers love this back/lumbar cushion when driving our food and goods across the country’s bumpy roads, mountain hairpin curves, and through construction sites. It fits wheelchairs and power scooter chairs just right!


You will find that you can sit for longer times when your back doesn’t start aching you. The liquid-filled membranes will remove those hot spots you feel when you use the superb lumbar support cushion.

The foam is a high resilience type meaning it is pliable and flexible to position with you any place you sit. It will mold to your spine and butt filling in any gaps supporting and aligning your spine naturally.

The lumbar is the top cushion that comes separately from the bottom seat cushion that you can find here on®.

Most other brands of lumbar cushions have bumps or a clumpy feel to it that makes me very uncomfortable constantly moving it about for a better fit and those types never work for me.

The Ergo21 will improve your blood and lymph circulation for a healthier you by 150% and that’s due to the ultra-thin cells that has a constant moving liquid in them. You will glide and float with the liquid’s endless movement for great comfort.

Mid- and lower-back pain, sciatica nerve pain that travels down one or both legs, neck, hip, and shoulder pain will be helped beyond belief!

You can use the small front part of the cushion as a seat cushion and put on the floor for your meditation time.

Being made of breathable nylon, it is durable, and easy to clean. The cushion will hold its shape after years of use and are contemporary in style of high-end quality. Use the adjustable straps to hold the lumbar cushion for car in place.

Select from 2 sizes: 18-inches wide x 18-inches long x 1.5-inches thick; 24-inches long/tall x 18-inches wide x 1.5-inches thick.

Gift-wrapping is available for family and friends and anyone you know who needs back pain relief at the lumbar area. The cushions are made in Los Angeles, California, USA. This company has the best customer support online, at Amazon, and by phone!


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