HealthmateForever® TENS Units – The Sole Answer for a Pain-Free Life

A drug-free method for reducing pain is with the TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit. The HealthmateForever® TENS brand is superior among the many varieties of units sold in the marketplace. It uses tiny electrical impulses sent through the skin to the nerves to modify pain perception. It is effective in reducing or eliminating the pain, allowing for a return to normal activity. This device does not alleviate or cure any physiological conditions.

It uses gentle electrical impulses through the self-adhesive pads attached to electrodes that are transmitted through normal, clean, and dry skin to your nerves located near your pain source. The electrical pulsations block the nerve pathway to the brain where it will no longer be perceived as pain. The unit works to increase blood circulation and the production of endorphins, brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters that transit electrical signals.

Chiropractors, physical therapists, and doctors have been using TENS units for over 30 years. The units are clinically proven effective and safe for pain relief. Most devices can be purchased over-the-counter without a doctor’s prescription. A few units do require a prescription and are discussed on this website.

HealthmateForever® provides a Lifetime Warranty and it is FDA approved for home use. More than a million people use this unit globally.

Perfect Benefits of the HealthmateForever® TENS and PMS Massager

The PMS (Powered Muscle Stimulator) and EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulator) do almost the same thing. Do not let the terms intimidate you. It’s easy: EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation and is also known as NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation). This is the involvement of muscle contraction using electric impulses. This method for pain reduction has received much interest in the past years because it works!


  • Strength training tool device for healthy people and athletes
  • Rehabilitation and preventive device for totally or partially immobilized people
  • Testing can be accomplished for calculating nerve and muscle functions

The electrical impulses mirror the nerve electrical potential coming from the CNS (Central Nervous System) for triggering contractions of the muscles.


  • Arthritis pain
  • Nerve disorders due to injuries
  • Back pain—from long hours of standing on your job or sitting constantly
  • Whip lash from accidents

Benefits for pain are reduced by relieving muscle tension creating muscle-relaxing necessary to lessen pain with this unit. Health and recovery can be speeded up with the HealthmateForever® unit.

TENS devices work with many types of pain, specifically chronic pain, where the pain is resistant to prescription painkillers. This unit offers an option for relieving your pain without pharmaceuticals that are mind numbing and highly addictive. This is a holistic approach that performs well.

Top 7 Reasons to Buy a TENS from HealthmateForever®

1. Trouble-free to Take with You

The unit is portable and will go with you everywhere. It is lightweight and about the size of an iPod. This is an added advantage so that you can put it in your pocket and continue to have pain-relieving therapy while at work or traveling. It is sleek and nice looking and will not discourage you from what to wear.

2. Offers Rapid Pain Relief

Most people report pain relief after 10 to 20 minutes of use. Chronic pain can be minimized so you will be more efficient at your job or any other daily demands on your body. The product provides treatment with the undulating waves felt by your skin and muscles with this TENS and PMS massaging unit. Muscle tension is relaxed at your deep levels permitting your muscles to move more freely once again.

3. Easy to Use

Checkout your instruction sheet and chart showing you the place points for using the unit immediately. Just turn the unit on, use an alcohol swab to clean your skin before and after use, and affix the self-adhesive pad attached to the electrodes.

Be sure the unit is off before attaching the pads and electrodes. Follow the instructions with the unit. For a self-test, plug it in holding the pads. If your fingers tingle, you will know the unit is working and can now apply the pads to your clean skin. The sensation is not painful, but if the current makes your muscles contract, turn the unit down.

4. Low Operating Cost with Energy Saving Rechargeable Battery

Low running costs - save money because of rechargeable batteries

The TENS unit from HealthmateForever® comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that allows the device to run consistently for 10 to 12 hours. The battery is rechargeable using the included USB cable or via the A/C-D/C charger. No gel is required or needed to be purchased additionally since the self-adhesive pads come to you coated with gel. Both these features are a cost savings to you. The built-in lithium battery allows the unit to be thin and easy to take with you.

 5. Accessories Included

HealthmateForever® is one all-inclusive package including everything you need without having to buy anything else. The self-adhesive pads are attached to two pairs of electrode lead wires. The A/C adapter and USB cable are included for recharging the unit’s lithium battery. The User’s Manual provides all the information necessary to drive the unit your way, with a chart for where to attach the pads. You will also receive a pad holder for storing the electrode pads for a longer life.

 6. Lifetime Warranty

This is a wonderful guarantee—the HealthmateForever® offers a Lifetime Warranty that is not offered by any other company. It is available, however, to only U.S. and Canadian buyers.

 7. Latest Technology

This one-of-a-kind unit is successful due to its number of countless features with state-of-the-art technology. It provides deep-seated muscle relaxation with its microcomputer intelligent control, bioelectrical stimulation (never use on your head), and uses the ancient Chinese massage practices such as Tuina, Tapping, Cupping, and Acupuncture Guash. All of this makes this unit a best buy at an affordable price.

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2 thoughts on “HealthmateForever® TENS Units – The Sole Answer for a Pain-Free Life

  1. I just purchased the HealthcareForever PRO 12AB. I have had it for about 10 days and have used it frequently. It has been great. However, after the first initial charge, which was textbook everything went as it should have, subsequent charges weren’t textbook.

    When attempting to charge it, it would not show a full charge after 9-10 hours of charging time. Booklet didn’t mention time for recharge. When turning the unit on there were only two bars showing in the battery display. The numbers display was hardly readable. There is a symbol which appears to be a key on the display, but no idea what it is or means.

    The button used to set time, mode and plus or minus is very loud on mode. The tens unit was purchased through

  2. I just typed a comment. The word bottom should have been (button). Did I pay good money for a refurbished unit? I need the unit badly, but I need one that works properly.

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