How to Give a Foot Massage: 5 Techniques to Follow

Don't wait for a billboard on the highway to remind you that your feet matter. With so many other priorities vying for your attention, it can be difficult to remember your core supports in life. We are talking about your feet. And like any other collection of muscles, bones and ligaments, your feet need relief sometimes too. If you are looking for effective ways to heal your feet, it's beneficial to learn how to give a foot massage.

What Is A Foot Massage?

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A foot massage is a means of applying pressure to feet in order to relieve tension or soreness. Both hands are used, and all the fingers are incorporated. Sometimes a device can be utilized to assist with the therapy. Learning how to give a foot massage can help you maximize the effectiveness of this age-old craft.

Foot massages can employ a few different techniques. Some involve tools or stones, and others require using simple pressure from your hands. They key is to know what you're doing. Then you can provid3 genuine foot relief.

Are There Health Benefits To Foot Massages?

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You may be surprised to learn just how many health benefits there are to foot massages. Because the feet are the base of your entire body, there are 7,000 nerve endings that correspond to every organ and system. This provides the basis for reflexology, which goes far beyond how to simply give a foot massage.

Just know that if you are interested in becoming a master of this craft, there's almost no limit to how far you can go. We'll go over some of the top health benefits here.

Circulatory Health

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More often than not, a lack of physical activity combined with shoes that fit poorly help contribute to circulation issues. But when you learn how to give a foot massage, you can provide a circulatory health boost. This is especially true for the lower extremities. If you or your loved one is diabetic, this can be even more important.

Helps the Flat-Footed

The tissues that support the meager arch in flat-footed people are under constant strain. Because of this, a foot massage every now and then could help both with walking and with staying closer to being pain free. In addition, foot exercises can be practiced along with regular massage. These techniques, when combined, can significantly improve and almost completely erase painful symptoms associated with being flat footed.

The Head and the Foot

Learning how to give a foot massage could also mean learning how to alleviate someone's headache or migraine. It is true. A study done in Denmark found that 65 percent of their test subjects experienced a great reduction in the number of headaches they experienced after three months of regular foot massage. Don't think too hard the next time you're considering getting a foot massage. Just do it.

Helps Heal Injury and Can Be Preventative

The old adage, 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure' couldn't be more true when it comes to foot massages. Maintaining a healthy awareness of your feet is made easier with each massage you recieve. Massages can also strengthen your feet. This can lead to maintaining better movement and functionality while on your feet.

Finally, if you do have an injury of some kind, massage can help circulate blood to the area in need of healing. This can be done once the acute phase is over. Improved circulation can prevent and alleviate a lot of health problems.

Great for Heart Health

Having regular foot massages can lower your blood pressure. This comes with a host of benefits for year heart. This is widely known. In fact, facilities that care for elderly people frequently incorporate foot massage in their healthcare regiments. In addition to reducing anxiety for those who are in stress, foot massage also improves your mood and lowers your blood pressure.

Mitigates the Pressure of Depression and Anxiety

Regular foot massage has also been shown to improve the moods of those who recieve them. It should not be viewed as a sole treatment (no pun intended) for depression or for any of the other ailments we've mentioned, but it can help. Also, it's important to mention that nothing you read here is medical advice. For that kind of information, it's imperative that you contact your M.D. or seek one out.

Can Keep the Swelling Down

If you or a loved one suffers from swollen feet, learning how to give a foot massage may be part of the solution. Foot massages can move around some of the excess fluid that can get trapped down there. Sometimes we need to fight back against the force of gravity a little. This is because it could be keeping heavy fluids down in our feet that should be circulated more efficiently through the body.

Could Help Things Swell Up

The stimulation of certain nerve endings can improve libido and keep things exciting. It is also a selfless way of expressing love for your significant other. It shows them that you care. Maybe their day was stressful. A foot massage can be your way of helping them unwind a bit before anything else begins. 

A good foot massage can be an incredible addition for the intimate times you have with your partner. Also, they'll be impressed because you've taken the time to read this article and learn how to give a foot massage.

5 Tips On How To Give A Foot Massage

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In addition to focusing on the areas we're about to outline, it's worth noting that proper preparation can make a big difference. Adding things like relaxing music and lighting a few candles can be a great way to create a soothing atmosphere. These are little things that go a long way. 

After this, see if the person you're massaging has time for a quick foot bath before you begin. This way you're not having to deal with dirt or grime while you're giving the massage. In addition, having an ample supply of quality massage oil will be necessary. This makes it easier on you, allowing your fingers, thumbs, and palms to glide smoothly.

Ankles First

Starting at the ankles gives you a nice warm-up. The muscles of the ankles are more sensitive, so you'll be able to practice your more nuanced motions. Check out the hollow below the ankle and hold it in your hand. Squeeze gently here and then continue with some circular motions. Applying even pressure here will be key. If the ankles are particularly tight, be sure to provide extra focus to the ball and heel of the foot, which we'll get to in a minute.

Knuckle Soup for the Sole

This technique involves using your fist to mold the soul of the foot. You can vary between going from the heel, through the arch and up to the ball. All throughout, apply even pressure. In this case, you're basically using your knuckles as an extra special texture tool. This results in a deeper state of relaxation. Think of it as sliding up and down the sole like you're kneading bread.

Pressure Release

This involves two forms of communication. The first is direct and verbal between you and the person you're working on. This is an essential part of learning how to give a foot massage. Ask what parts feel the most tight. If they're not sure, feel it out yourself. What parts feel tight to you?

Once you've isolated the spot, try to apply firm pressure, and ask the person you're working on to breathe in. When they release their breath, apply slightly more pressure and rotate over the area in a circular motion. You can use your words to encourage them to release and relax as well.

Taking in the Toes

Applying light pressure to each of the toes can be a great way for the person you're massaging to feel as if they've had a thorough massage. Moving some blood around in the toes is healthy. They are one of the furthest regions away from the heart. So pumping blood there and back can be made easier with a good foot massage.

Using Tools and Towels

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Finally, never underestimate the power of a good tool or warm towel. There are certain things that your hands simply can't do. If you've ever had a slightly steamy, warm towel on your face or feet, then you know. Also, there are certain rounded devices that can apply a very specific pressure that your thumbs and fingers are incapable of administering.


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There you have it. You'll be giving healing foot massages before you know it. If you choose to, study with a licenced professional in order to improve your skill further. Above all, be safe and listen to the person you're massaging. Listening to your body will make sure that you avoid injury.  May the healing you bring about help the lives of those you love.

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