Omron ElectroTherapy Pain Relief Pro (PM3031) Review – Convenient and Simple to Use

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Medical professionals, chiropractors, and physical therapists have been using the TENS technology for over 30 years. It is approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for home use and no drugs are involved using it. The screen uses a liquid crystal display (LCD) screen that is easy to read with simple to operate large buttons. The OMRON Pain Relief Pro PM3031 uses 10 electric stimulation levels for your personalization for the intensity level of your therapy. With 8 preset modes, you can choose a relaxing massage or more multiple pain relief stimulation actions. There are 5 pain modes for lower back, leg, foot, joints, and arm with 3 tapping, kneading and rubbing massage-type choices. The feeling is marvelous!

The unit is about the size of a smart phone at 8.1 x 2.8 x 7.5 inches and weighs 13.6 ounces making it handy to take with you. The OMRON PM3031 comes with standard sized 2.5 x 4-inch Long Life Pads (PMLLPAD). They adhere to your skin and are very soft and comfortable. The pads are washable with tap water, then air dry and place on the holder that is included. You can reuse the pads up to 150 times and wash up to 10 times.

To use the unit, decide on what area you want to treat such as your lower back or arms. Then select what level of intensity you want. You can choose different body areas and the programs are interchangeable for effective therapy. Be sure to read the instructions included with the unit for safe and accurate management of your pain.

When the unit is functioning, you will have different sensations of a light tapping or tingling and mild muscle contractions and this is normal. Start out with a low intensity level and increase that slowly for a 15-minute session. If it’s not comfortable for you, reduce the strength level or simply change the program mode. If it feels weak or the sensation goes away, increase the intensity by small degrees.

Leave the pads on your body when you turn the unit off then remove the pads. To understand your pain threshold know that 1 is low up to 10 being high. Stop your therapy if your pain has been reduced or has completely stopped. The unit activates the brain’s natural pain center for endorphins and blocks pain signals. Your blood will circulate better as well. Other people using your unit should have and use their own pads. Two AAA batteries are included with the OMRON PM3031.

Omron Pain Relief Pro Accessories

In the box is 1 OMRON PM3031 TENS unit, electrode cords, 2 long life pads, pad holder, cloth carrying case, 2 AAA batteries, instruction manual, quick start guide, pad placement guide. The unit is warranted for 1 year, excluding the batteries. The pads supplied with the unit are warranted for 30 days.

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