Santamedical LFM-110 TENS Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager Unit Review

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Santamedical LFM-110 TENS Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager has a great ergonomic design to soothe you in first impression. It looks same like the truMedic, Sunpentown, and Prospera models. Only difference is the name of the seller. A user-friendly product that effectively treats sore muscle pains due to over exercise. It helps to cure stiff neck muscles, pain in shoulder, waist, back, arms and joints. This new brand is selling legitimate products and drug free solutions that will help you to fight pain. The pain might be intolerable but the power of the small little device is able to put down everything. As per the rave reviews regular use of the product on your fatigues increases endurance. Just like the size of remote control, this device has six auto modes, four attachment pads, LCD Display, and a built-in timer to suit different pains.

You might have seen many models of pulse massager and TENS Unit, but this device has collected all the best abilities to make itself a compact handheld home therapist.

Comes with 6 auto simulation mode

If you look at the device, you will find some controls, which you might not have seen in any other device. You will come across six different massage modes. It targets six different parts of the body mainly waist, shoulder, joint, hand and foot, sole and repeat. These massages are Auto Simulation Mode. They are a form of pre-set programs pulsing the intensity and speed values. You simply need to touch the buttons that will help you with massages. It would make sense that the massage would have higher than average but the speed might be slower.

3 different massage styles

Apart from the six auto simulation modes, you will find three massage modes to suit your pain type. This include knead, beat and massage type. The controller that you will find in Santamedical LFM-110 TENS Unit which will allow you to adjust the signal’s intensity as well as the speed. You will locate the speed adjusting buttons in the middle of the interface.

Dual channel device

It is a dual channel device. In is in the front you will find on/off knob that allows you to adjust the speed of your device and regulate the intensity as per your pain type. You can treat two places at a time, so whether you have a pain in shoulder as well as in the knee, you can treat two places simultaneously.

A continuous 15 minutes session to treat your pain

You can treat your painful muscles at a stretch for 15 minutes, after which the device stops automatically. A built-in timer gives flexibility to the device to restart once more if you want to enjoy longer treatment sessions.

Easy to operate device

You can take care of muscles that help to banish the soreness and stiffness. You will find the design of the Santamedical LFM-110 quite ergonomic. You can use either their channels or the single channel at the same time for treating wide area. They offer the choice of massage location and treat with different intensity levels. You have auto program buttons to switch between six different auto simulation programs. During any auto program if you wish to repeat the massage, you simply need to click on the repeat button. You can operate the three-massage sensation button manually. The LCD display helps to pinpoint which area of the body the electrical program needs to direct and reduce the pain. Even you get a clear indication of the amount of battery left as it starts to flash as soon as the battery power reduces. Even it displays the time consumed in a particular massage on the display.

Have four AAA batteries

You will find the device with new batteries of four AAA. It has a power consumption of DC 6V. However, the device is not rechargeable, but the power of the battery is quite high to run long treatment sessions. The effectiveness of the battery lies in its power. So while selecting a battery choose a powerful AAA battery.


This TENS Unit comes with 4 electrode pads, 2 lead wires, instruction manual and 4 AAA batteries.


You will find the device with one year full time warranty just like other TENS unit available in the market.


  • Comes with a number of auto simulation programs – These are a number of pre-set programs, which helps to treat different kinds of pain.
  • Functional buttons to provide various massages – You will find the device with their different massage modes to provide complete massage.
  • It is an intuitive device – It is a very easy to understand and portable device.


  • The battery is not rechargeable
  • It does not comes with a carrying case
  • Do not has a belt clip
  • The lead wires are little feeble

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2 thoughts on “Santamedical LFM-110 TENS Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager Unit Review

  1. I can use this Tens Unit on Neck Back Pain because i am a software engineer and working 10-15 Hr/Day so my upper arm and neck very pain.

    Can you recommend me this Tens Unit?

  2. I have scoliosis and was recently in an accident where I was rear ended by another car. In between sessions with my chiropractor, my pulse massager has helped me so much. I need to replace the pads now because it doesn’t stick that well but it still brings me welcomed relief. I even used it when I bowled on a bowling team. Great product. I would recommend it to anyone with back problems, looking for affordable, temporary relief. Can you tell me how to get replacment pads for it?

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