trūMedic® TENS Unit Pulse Massager – Personal Evaluation Review

The electronic trūMedic® model PL-009 TENS Pulse Massager is indeed intense! Turn the thumbwheel to number 1 and feel that sensation before jumping to 10. I started it higher and became nauseous. I noticed it automatically turned itself off after 15 minutes, and that it did not turn on immediately again. It waits a few minutes then you can turn it back on.

It does not have a timer where you can select the time you want to use it. I prefer 20 minutes, but this is preprogrammed for 15. It’s best to wait an hour before using it again. The ‘Massage’ mode is my favorite but you can choose ‘Beat’ or ‘Knead.’ See the full review here.

I put 2 electrode pads on my upper back shoulders and 2 electrode pads at my lower lumbar running both on ‘Massage.’ I did notice that I can have ‘Beat’ on the shoulders only and ‘Massage’ for my lower back. The speed can be increased or decreased for the way you like it best.

It is certainly lightweight (6.37 oz.) with batteries and can be slipped into my purse when overnighting with friends. Use it at the office or any job when you have pain. I put the wires into the plastic baggie so not to break them with things in my purse. Always put the electrode pads back on the plastic sheet they came on. They are extremely sticky adhering to the skin well, but we don’t want them sticking on something else.

Four extra batteries come with the 4 to be installed when you get the unit. I like the box it comes in with the plastic sections to store each item and pads. It is a hard box and will sit in your cabinet when not in use staying clean.

For tekkies, 4 each AAA batteries are 6-Volts for power. Max output voltage is 16-Volts at 500 Ohms. Max output current is 30 mA at 500 Ohms. The frequency is low at 1 to 100 Hz.

This TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit is not to be confused with the EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) that are two different types of devices. The TENS stimulates nerves and the EMS stimulates muscles. This is a TENS device for nerves to stop pain at the nerve endings in the brain. It works and the buttons of blue are easy to see and the liquid crystal display (LCD) screen is easy to see and understand. The small unit is not rocket science and comes with a detailed instruction booklet with how-to-use pictures and diagrams.

The trūMedic® PL-009The trūMedic® PL-009 is FDA approved and does not require a doctor’s prescription. It is reasonably priced and also available online at It is always necessary to see a professional for stretching my spine; however, I can use this unit at home in my own leisure. When I have stiff muscles as I go to get up in the morning, I attach it and let it massage my sore areas while doing my morning routine.
This device is very user-friendly, the front panel buttons show back, shoulder, joint, hand-leg, repeat, and sole. The unit has five automatic stimulation programs, the three massage optional settings, speeds, and intensity levels. The use of high-frequency electrical pulses helps to me relieve pain.
Before using this device, speak with your healthcare provider if you have pain, stiffness, or muscle spasms.
Since this device has different settings, it is something the whole family can share.

Always talk with your healthcare provider if you are considering this device for pain, stiffness, muscle knots, and more.

You can share the unit with a partner or friend by letting them use two of the pads on one of the channels.

Don’t go anywhere without it!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with a full parts and labor warranty good for 90 days after purchase date.

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