What Is Foot Zoning and What Can It Tell You about Your Body?

Are you tired, stressed, or dealing with chronic pain? Does your body feel sluggish or out of balance? Perhaps you should give foot zoning a try! But, what is foot zoning?

What Is Foot Zoning?

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Foot zoning is a technique that triggers the body’s innate ability to heal by stimulating areas of the feet that correspond to parts of the body. In foot zoning, there is a map on the feet called the Perfect Blueprint, which is a map not only of your body as it currently is, but what it was created to be. Triggering this map can help your body and mind reach their full potential.

On the surface, a foot zoning session can resemble a foot massage, but it is much more than that. A trained practitioner is activating areas of the feet in a specific order to bring the body back into balance. They use their hands to rub the areas of the feet in a circular manner, mimicking the way our DNA rotates in our bodies. Some practitioners will use tools such as precious stones instead of their hands.

History Of Foot Zoning

Using the map of signals on the feet to improve health is not a new technique. It has been a common technique in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years, and similar techniques can be found in cultures across the globe. There are records of ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptians and Mayans, using similar maps.

Although the principles behind foot zoning can be traced far back into our history, the creation of modern foot zoning is credited to Dr. Charles Ersdal, who mapped out the areas of the feet and the methodology used by foot zoning practitioners. Dr. Erdsal began his journey into foot zoning as a patient, being cured of his paralysis by reflexology.

Dr. Ersdal built off the work of Dr. William Fitzgerald, an ENT who discovered that the right pressure applied to certain areas of the hands and feet can relieve pain throughout the body. Dr. Erdsal then spent 26 years researching and charting the zones on the feet. The first official class on foot zoning was taught in 1975, but many of the now numerous schools have developed their own unique techniques.

“But wait,” you say. “Isn’t that just reflexology? What is foot zoning then?”

What Is The Difference Between Foot Zoning And Reflexology?

It can be easy to confuse foot zoning with reflexology, as they operate using the same principles. But, the answer to “What is foot zoning?” is not “It’s the same thing as reflexology.” Yes, there are obvious similarities, and foot zoning would not exist without the groundwork laid by reflexology. But, foot zoning is a modern technique based on modern research.

The most obvious difference between the two is the intended goal of the treatment. Reflexology uses pressure points in the hands and feet to treat specific ailments the patient is currently dealing with. A foot zoning treatment, on the other hand, uses the trigger points in the feet alone for full-body healing. You can receive and benefit from a foot zoning treatment without seeking treatment for a specific issue.

Benefits Of Foot Zoning

Relaxation and Stress Relief

The first thing you may notice after a foot zoning session is that you are more relaxed afterward. Chronic stress elevates the level of cortisol in our bodies, which can lead to health issues. In fact, many of our physical ailments are stress-related at their core. Getting a foot zone treatment is a gift to your body, allowing it to enter a state where it can relax and renew.

Improved Sleep

Lack of sleep can make us more susceptible to stress; it makes us more anxious, and our bodies suffer from it. One of the most commonly reported benefits to a foot zoning treatment is better sleep. Many patients report that they fall asleep faster after treatment, and got deeper, more restful sleep. It can be beneficial to those who have sleep disorders such as chronic insomnia.

More Energy

Another benefit Save workof foot zoning is increased energy. Many report feeling more rejuvenated, creative, and motivated and find they are able to accomplish more. This is due in part to the improved sleep triggered by foot zoning. But, foot zoning also increases energy by bringing the adrenals and hormones into balance.

Pain Relief and Faster Healing

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One of the major benefits of foot zoning is that it enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Stimulating certain areas of the foot can relieve pain in corresponding parts of the body. Foot zoning also reminds our body of its Perfect Blueprint, and helps bring the body’s systems back into alignment. This can help ease acute or chronic pain and speed up the healing process after injuries.

Improves Circulation and Digestion

Foot zoning can help clear blockages in the body, helping things move the way they were designed to. It increases the flow of blood and oxygen to all parts of the body. It also helps get your colon moving, so your body is more easily able to rid itself of waste and can help with constipation or other digestion issues.

Clears Toxins

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Improving the circulation in your body helps get your lymph node moving. The lymph node is in charge of removing waste from your body, and improved lymph node functioning will help you release any toxins that have built up.

Strengthens Immune System

Foot zoning helps keep the immune system balanced and functioning at its peak. Many who receive regular treatments report getting sick less often, and their bodies being able to fight off infections more quickly. Some even swear by getting a foot zoning treatment as soon as the first symptoms of a cold appear to lessen its severity.

Improves Emotional Well Being

Not only does foot zoning clear physical blockages in the body, but it also clears emotional ones. It can help you release negative emotions and move forward in your life without the emotional baggage. Having a way to release these negative emotions leaves room for positive thinking and influences.

What Can Foot Zoning Tell You About Your Body?

While foot zoning sends signals to the body to clear out blockages, that is only half the story. To understand the answer to the question, “What is foot zoning?” you have to understand that foot zoning is a two-way street. It sends messages to the body, but it also allows the body to send messages to you.

Foot zoning is a feedback loop, which means it can tell the practitioner where those blockages in the body are. A skilled practitioner will be able to use foot zoning to detect areas of stress, poor nutrition, a buildup of chemicals in the body, or which organs and systems are not functioning at an optimal level.

Once the practitioner has identified these issues, they can suggest means to correct them. Foot zoning is not a cure-all, and cannot remedy all ailments alone. Often, the practitioner will use the information they uncovered from a foot zoning session to identify the most pressing issues and prescribe lifestyle changes. These can be dietary changes, supplements, increasing exercise, or decreasing stress.

Getting A Foot Zoning Treatment

Now that you’ve received your answer to the question, “What is foot zoning?” you may be eager to try it out for yourself. It is important to receive foot zoning only from a trained practitioner. Although the principles behind foot zoning seem simple, there is a lot of training involved to understand the physiology of the body as a whole and how the zones function.

Know that every individual responds to foot zoning differently, and each treatment you receive may have different effects as well. Some surface issues may need to be addressed first before deeper issues manifest themselves. Our health is in a constant state of flux, and changes to it are not always immediately obvious.

Most treatments are conducted sitting in a chair and take from forty-five minutes to an hour and a half. The benefits of foot zoning are cumulative, so regular treatments are recommended rather than just going in once. Most practitioners recommend monthly sessions, although if you are new to foot zoning or have pressing issues that need to be addressed, more treatments may be required until your body’s restorative processes are reestablished. Your practitioner will help you work out a schedule that fits your needs.

Make sure to eat a healthy meal before your session to give your body the fuel it needs to heal. Be sure to keep yourself well-hydrated as well, keeping your circulation flowing and flushing out toxins. Also, be considerate of your practitioner and come with clean feet!


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Your body knows what it needs to heal. Foot zoning is fundamentally a methodology for communicating with the body and addressing what it needs. It taps into your body’s natural ability to heal itself, reminding it of the Perfect Blueprint of optimal functioning.

Health is more than just physical. Your mental, emotional, and spiritual health are just as important, and all are interconnected. The thoughts and feelings you have about your life and the world around you and how you process those thoughts and feelings affect your physical health. Foot zoning is a practice that balances all areas of health to promote overall well-being.

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