Zewa® SpaBuddy® TENS Unit – Personal Evaluation Review

Zewa Spabuddy Sport Tens Pain Therapy

The Zewa® SpaBuddy® Sport TENS Pain Therapy unit model OTC TENS is superior for stimulating all sore muscles. When I visited chiropractors years ago, I loved the way I felt after having their TENS on my lower back and neck/shoulder area. The power is as good as or better than the ones at my chiropractor. In fact, he said to use it as much as I need. I leave the pads on during the day and simply unplug the wires to it. I do 20 minutes at a time a few hours apart. Check with your healthcare provider for your needs because everyone is different.

The SpaBuddy® pulsates and throbs using slight pushing motions similar to a massage therapist. These will change periodically and sooth your muscles. I use 2 electrode pads at my neck area, but when my lower back is sore, I put them on with the first ones. I love the way this works and the feeling I get.

The 8 programs are well thought out by the designers and are easy to understand when you first read the very well written details in the instruction booklet. I like program 8 the best and yet they all feel somewhat different.

I have used a back brace alone and I’m now going to use it with the TENS. The vibrations and quiver sensations are wonderful for my aching sore muscles. I really enjoy the modulations of light to more intense with this specific TENS unit.

You will be happy and relieved of back pain or any pain with this TENS device.

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