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ChiroDoc Coccyx Cushion Review

The ChiroDoc Coccyx Cushion breathes with the tiny holes in the seat cushion and fits your butt shape. It is not a donut-type pillow that is painful for those people with hemorrhoids. It actually elevates the lower tail bone area known as …

Top 6 Best Inversion Table Reviews 2017

For detailed information about the best inversion tables, please read here. First decide what type of inversion table you want. Do you want it to be manual or have a motor? Manual—less expensive but will need muscles to set it up, and …

Guide for Using Inversion Tables

Yoga not only burns calories and tones muscles, it also uses inversion to relieve stress and stretch the spine for stimulating better blood circulation. Inversion tables will accomplish similar advantages so that you do not have to stand on your head and … Protection Status