First-Class Best Back Massager Reviews 2017

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The best back massagers in the marketplace are reviewed here for your consideration when purchasing an easy-to-use hand-held massager, comfortable and plush therapeutic massage chairs, the numerous back braces and the ultimate back and seat cushions. Look no further than this website for pain relief management in the privacy and comfort of your home. You will find many available products and options to relax your back and relieve soreness at our website. We have many products and newly introduced ones for helping you to find relaxation for all your muscles and back.

Professional massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and doctors recommend these devices for health benefits and relieving pain and discomfort.

When you cannot get to your middle back area, hand-held electric massagers are valuable at home and easy to use and take with you. You can use these alone or get some relaxing help from a friend or companion. These units are worthwhile for neck, back, shoulder pain, and any other aching, soreness, or tight knotted muscles you may have.

1. Why People Buy Massagers

People benefit from massagers to help them unwind at the end of a stressful day at work. Whether you sit all day or stand all day, or are a laborer lifting boxes and heavy items, you too will benefit from a great massage. Your muscles will relax and you will feel soothed afterwards.

2. Chair-type Back Massager and Hand-held Units

These fit the back of your chair and seat and will offer comfort for taking away your aches and pain improving chronic conditions in your low, middle, and upper back. You can purchase massagers that are not only hand-held, but also more elaborate to provide deep tissue muscle or spot massage, to include a full-body massage.

There are massagers that provide heat and/or infrared (IR) heat. Some use techniques of pounding, vibrating, thumping, kneading, rolling, squeezing, percussion, and acupressure. Some types use Shiatsu and Swedish massage methods.

Percussion is a technique that feels like tapping. Percussion devices are available using batteries or electricity with or without heat.

Calm and sooth, relax and heal your tender and hurting areas immediately. Massagers are available for your shoulders, back, arms, legs, calves, feet, waist, scalp, neck, and even for your face.

Checkout our products at this website when you want to purchase a massager and do not know much about them.

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3. Considerations When Buying a Massager

  • Do you want a hand-held unit or a larger cushion type for your recliner or sofa?
  • Do you want straps to hold it in place?
  • Do you want heat or no heat?
  • Do you want to hold the unit or sit on it and have it do the work?
  • Do you want a total body experience at one time with a massage chair?

Remember that you can use a back massager for your neck, shoulders, and all of your body. They are versatile and adaptable for any muscles anywhere on your body.

Customizable Massaging Cushion with Heat

In the picture: Gideon™ Luxury Six-Program Customizable Massaging Cushion

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4. TENS and EMS Units

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) can be purchased as separate units or both combined into one incredible unit.

The TENS is a device that uses electrical current for stimulating your nerves to stop pain signals at the brain level providing healing benefits and soothing the nerve complaints that can be inflamed.

When you have sore and aching muscles, the EMS will help alleviate your pain. When your nerves are making you hurt, the EMS will provide pain relief.

Chiropractors and therapists for welcomed relief to affected areas of the body, particularly the lower back, use TENS. The electrical nerve stimulation uses low voltage current (microamps) for pain liberation.

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TENS unit for back pain

5. Back Braces for Lower Back Pain

From time-to-time, some people need a brace to support their back due to extremely excruciating lower back pain. Sometimes resting alone does not alleviate the pain problem. Those doing heavy labor lifting and straining find braces useful. Sports enthusiasts become exhausted in their lower backs as do athletes. You can do anything with a back brace on: sit at your computer, drive a truck, working out at the gym and simply walking.

A back brace will provide limited range of motion so that you do not strain the lower back and make your condition worse. The conditions can occur from over use, operations, and fractures. As we age or injure ourselves, our posture is not as good, the spinal discs compress, and then pain starts shutting us down.

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6. Lumbar Back Support

When sitting or driving you may experience middle to lower back pain. You do not need to be an older senior person to experience the pain from the lumbar spine area. When you get very little exercise and sit all day, drive all day, or recline for hours on end, your lower back including your tailbone will let you know quickly. Usually weak muscles are the problem; however, you need to have a doctor check and x-ray your spine to know your exact problem. You could have sprained or strained this part of your back. If you lift from your lower back and not your leg muscles, you can really start hurting early on.

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7. Massage Chairs

Massage chairs are great for massaging your back and all of you efficiently in one place while you do nothing but relax and read or watch a movie. Many of the chairs have leg and foot massagers that are the ultimate in stress reduction.

Some are very pricey, some are middle of the road, and they are worth it. If your budget allows, do not comprise price for functionality. The best chairs have heat, recline, have footstools, and offer pain reduction in knotted muscles, tension, and any work-related strain and stress. In the privacy and comfort of your home, enjoy a soothing and relaxing massage without paying the price for a professional.

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Best 6 Additional Back Products for Massage and Stretching

1. Belmint Home Sleek Home 10-Motor Massage Plush Massage Mat

Belmint Back Massager

The Belmint plush and sleek massage mat comes in beige or black with 10 stimulating and revitalizing zones to vibrate your stress and aches away. The mat only vibrates your entire body and there are no rollers.

The hand-held controller has 5 preprogrammed styles with 3 levels of intensity of low, medium, and high at 4 body areas and the controller can be stored in the pocket on the side. The mat is flexible and will fold up to take with you to the gym, the breakroom at the office, or in any professional studios such as massage and physical therapists. You can lay down on it, put it on the sofa, in a recliner, a chair, and sit on it. Choose to massage your neck, back, lumbar, lower back, or legs.

You can turn the heat on and off at the lumbar area only. It will heat to 140-degrees Fahrenheit in about 7 to 8 minutes. It will massage you from the top of your head to the toes on your feet. You can bend your legs at the knee, lie on your side, and try lying on your stomach if you can manage that position.

The posh and lush covering with soft interior is so comfortable while vibrating your tired muscles that you will never want to leave it! It will fit a 5-1/2-foot person. Be sure to remove earrings, other jewelry, ties, scarves, and other items that might tighten up or cause a safety issue. Keep your long hair out of the way.

The mat is 5.5-feet long x 1.9-feet wide and weighs about 5 pounds. It will run continuously and does not have a timer but automatically shuts off.

Note: Do not use the mat if you have an implanted pacemaker or are pregnant without talking with your doctor first. If you have any metal implants such as hip or shoulder joints or other metal, bolts, screws, or plates, are diabetic, suffer from phlebitis or thrombosis do not use without your healthcare provider’s okay.

The 6-foot UL listed cord plugs into a USA 110/120-Volt outlet. You will need an adapter for 220/240-Volts in other countries. It does not use batteries.

With the Belmint massage mat, you will receive the A/C adapter, a User’s Manual and Warranty. The 30-day Warranty provides you with 100% satisfaction. You will receive a refund or replacement if you return an unopened, unused mat with all receipts in the original packaging and box. The mat is made in China.

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2. Jeanie Rub® Variable Speed Massager

eanie Rub Massager - Variable Speed

The Jeanie Rub® variable speed massager model PRO-3401 is a favorite of massage therapists since 1966. Core® Products International makes the unit in the USA in Osceola, Wisconsin. To give your clients a powerful and more relaxed experience, this is the best unit available. Home users will find this massager to be wonderful to use on family and friends. Medical professionals such as chiropractors and massage therapists use it as well for patients suffering from back issues, neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and more muscle related problems. It is valuable for arms, chest, hands and feet, hips and legs, and shoulders.

Percussion massage is a favorite motion used in Swedish and many types of sports massage, aromatherapy massage, and holistic massages. It will bring blood to the skin surface with many therapeutic benefits. The unit rotates at 600 to 4600 RPMs with the flip of a switch. The orbital (rotating) movement of the head gives a deep and soft feeling relaxing massage experience.

Faster speeds provide a more stimulating and revitalizing massage and lower speeds provide a relaxing and soothing massage. Both speeds are rejuvenating and exhilarating to the body and mind. Use the convenient knob on the device to vary your speed as your patient likes it best. Loosen up the tight, knotted muscles and spasms hurting your clients.

The Jeanie Rub® massager has a red and black powder coat finish and is made of sturdy cast aluminum that is heat resistant and lightweight. Car engine pistons are made of cast aluminum, so there you go. It resists scrapes, scratches, and scuffs from moving from one location to another. As stated above, the unit is built in the USA to ANSI Standards, and CSA certified, to be a robust working massager that meets and exceeds safety standards for consumers lasting for many years. The unit is quiet when running.

The 12-foot UL listed power cord plugs into a USA grounded 3-prong 110/120-Volt receptacle. Do not use a 3-hole adapter to override the ground—it is very dangerous. It cannot be used with 220/240-Volts power without the proper adapter. It does not use batteries.

You can use the unit without the sheep skin cover; however, the cover gives your client’s skin a better soft feel. The white natural sheepskin cover best for oils and lotions is sold separately for about $25 on Amazon and measures 4- x 9-inches. A fleece pad sells for about $11. The pads will not slip off and fit snugly to the bottom of the massager. The pads are washable on the gentle cycle and can go into the dryer on low heat. The fleece pad lasts longer and both pads give a softer massage, especially to tender areas.

The unit comes in 3 sizes: variable speed, core 3401 kit with sheepskin pad and 2-year Warranty, and core 3401 kit with fleece pad and 2-year Warranty.

The dimensions are 12- x 6- x 8-inches and weighs about 6 pounds.

Gift-wrapping is available for sending to another professional or to your family and friends. The variable speed massager comes with a 1-year Warranty. The instruction manual should be included in the box and can be downloaded at®. The massager is made in the USA.

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3. Brookstone® Shiatsu 3D Lumbar Massager with Heat

Shiatsu 3D Lumbar Massager with Heat

The Brookstone® Shiatsu massager with heat is ideal for your lower back when sitting at your desk all day, and when sitting at home on the sofa or your favorite recliner. It was designed exactly to fit your lower spine curvature with heat for total relaxation. You can use it while sitting or lying down. The massage is more aggressively hard, so if you are tender, put a towel between the massager and you.

The cushion has 4 sets of double massage nodes to massage and heat all of your lower back. Your lumbar muscles will be liberated from tightness, aches, and pain. With the 3D style, its motion from side-to-side will accomplish the massage itself, up and down, and front-to-back. You choose the heat the way you like it best.  The straps are adjustable so that the cushion will stay put in a chair. You can also move it up and down your back to do other aching areas. The push button in the upper left switches between your preferred modes. Holding the button down for a few seconds will turn the unit off. You will have intermittent pauses when the nodes change the rotational direction. The two-way movements are forward and reverse simulating a massage therapist’s methods for massage. You cannot have the direction be one-way only; it changes direction only.

Enjoy the relaxation and pain reduction in the privacy and comfort of your home. Your hard to reach back area will find the deep kneading muscle sensation wonderful. The advantages of massage is that it will increase sore muscle healing while removing pain, reducing your heart rate, improving muscle knots and soreness, increase muscle flexibility, stimulate blood circulation, and let you sleep better.

Only adults should use this heated massage cushion. Keep long hair, jewelry, loose scarves, and clothes away from the unit when using it.

Important Paraphrased Note from Brookstone®: Any individual who may be pregnant or recently gave birth, has a heart condition or a pacemaker, suffers from diabetes or other sensory impairment, phlebitis and/or thrombosis, joint dysfunction, inflammation or injuries, weak bones, osteoporosis, a high fever, an abnormal or curved spine, is at an increased risk of developing blood clots, has pins, screws, or artificial joints or other medical devices implanted in his or her body, is being treated for a medical condition or physical injury or is under a doctor’s care should consult with a medical professional before using a massaging device designed for home use.

The UL listed cord plugs into a USA 110/120-Volt outlet. You will need an adapter for 220/240-Volts in other countries. It does not use batteries.

Gift-wrapping is available for a loved one or friend. The unit comes with a User’s Manual and a 1-year Limited Warranty. This product can be returned within 60 days of purchase with the original receipt. Be sure to read the Warnings and Cautions for safety.

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4. Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Self-Massage Tool

Body Back Company's Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Self-Massage Tool

Body Back Company's Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Self-Massage Tool

The Body Back Buddy from Body Back Company made in Portland, Oregon, USA since 1995, gives you the perfect self-massage without spending tons of money and time at the massage therapist. It efficiently finds your trigger points to work those areas for muscle pain relief, including Myofascial Release (MRF) for chronic pain from the neck, back, jaw, menstrual, headaches, and more. Chiropractors, massage therapists, and physical therapists use this tool with their patients and clients achieving enormous results. This tool has remained unchanged for over 10 years.

For those hard to reach areas of your back and in between your shoulder blades, the Body Back Buddy is truly your faithful companion. With the 11 massage knobs designed to relieve tight muscles and pressure point pain, you will be able to remove the stress from any part of your body with its 2 curved ends.

The tool is 27 x 2 x 17-inches and weighs 1.5 pounds. It is manual, does not plug in, nor does it use batteries. You are its power source. It has handles for maneuvering over your body with the center area great for massaging at the spine.

The tool is made from PE (polyethylene) a high-density plastic with no BPA (bisphenol A) so it is toxin free. Other materials are PBDE (polybrominated diphenyl ethers) that are synthetic chemicals found in plastics to make them difficult to burn and TBBPA (tetrabromobisphenol A) a flame retardant. The hypoallergenic tool can be taken into the shower or bath, meets US Health and Safety Standards, and is guaranteed for life.

The massager comes with an easy-to-follow 12-page instruction booklet, plus a link to download the instructional video. You will receive a Lifetime Warranty from Body Back Buddy. You have no risk and no hassles if you need to return the tool within 30 days for a complete refund, minus shipping costs.

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5. Nayoya® Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

Nayoya Back and Neck Pain Relief

The Nayoya® complete acupressure set with carrying case will give you total comfort quickly from back pain with the 6210-acupressure points. The mat is dark green and white. The pillow has 1782 pressure points for under your neck. It has 230 acupressure buttons that total the 6210 with 27 spikes on each button. The pillow and mat are not attached; they are separate pieces and can be used alone or together. This brand is a top seller in acupuncture products to give you neck, back, sciatica pain, and stress relief.Button and spikes

Being portable and lightweight, you can take it anywhere anytime with the carrying case that you can slip into your luggage for travel or satchel for working out.

Your blood circulation will improve, as will your digestion, elimination, sleep, and general quality of life. When the mat’s points touch your feet pressure points, your sciatica and tailbone pain should go away substantially. Neck and chronic back pain will be relieved also improving shoulder pain.

Stand barefoot on the mat to reduce headache pain and migraines. Use the pillow on the bed, lie on it for the side of your neck, and take a short nap. Do not sleep on the set all night long. Do not use as a Yoga mat—it has too many spikes.

One study indicates the acupressure mat provided 98% relief in pain, 96% reported relaxation, 94% shared that their sleep improved, and 81% stated an increase in energy. This is proof to the benefits of using the Nayoya® complete acupressure set in your home or when traveling.

The mat is cotton and is hand washable by removing the non-latex foam padding. Use dish detergent with warm water, rinse, and air dry. Use care around the spikes to protect your hands and fingers. After the mat is dry, put the foam pad back inside. Do not put it in the clothes washer or dryer; it will be destroyed.

Safety Information Warning from Nayoya®: Consult your physician before use. Do not use if you have any form of heart disease or blood pressure conditions, coagulation problems, you are undergoing treatment with anticoagulants, because there is a large risk of subcutaneous bleeding and bruises. Do not use if you have diabetes, have skin conditions and damage or any other problems that would cause the mat to be harmful. Do not use if you suffer from epilepsy, are pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not use if you have open wounds, infected or not, or have acne wounds or scars that have not yet healed. Do not use if you are undergoing any kind of medical treatment or have allergic back eczema or general psoriasis. Consult with your healthcare provider first.

The mat is 26- x 17- x 1-inches thick, the neck pillow is 16- x 7- x 3-inches, and it weighs about 2 pounds. There is no power, no electric plug, and no batteries. It is a stand-alone device that you work with your body.

Gift-wrapping is available for your loved ones or friends. You will receive instructions and illustrations for using. It comes with a 60-day guarantee. The mat and pillow arrives in its own clear vinyl carrying bag that has a zipper and handles for storage and travel.

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6. Magic Back Support® Lumbar Back Stretcher Device

Magic Back Stretcher Posture Corrector Device

The Magic Back Support® acupressure model MBS-010D is all about the ‘trigger point massage’ top. This is a customary method used by certified massage therapists. This method uses thumb pressure to release tension and help with relaxing of the muscles involving stretching. This device uses this technique having 10 thumb tip shaped nodes on both sides of its spine cradle giving a simulated feeling as a therapist’s thumbs constructed on the principles of Shiatsu and reflexology. It takes about 2 minutes to release trigger points in your body. Suggested use is 5 minutes 2 times each day by using your body weight with gravity.

The Magic Back Support® stretcher posture-correcting device is for chronic back pain with a massage arch and bonus accessories. It can be used on lumbar, thoracic, and upper back and shoulders for muscle stretching. The arch supporting device has spinal grooves to stimulate each side of the spine and is made of robust plastic with 3 leveling adjustments to conform to your needs for first time users, midway, and extreme users. It will transition with your newfound abilities to move forward in your own therapy. The durable plastic is made of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) that is very strong and holds it shape.

You will receive in this complete device spinal alignment, back stretching as done by chiropractors, and lumbar support. With your own manipulation for flexing and movement, you will bring back your natural spine curve and be more flexible for better mobility. The device is useful for muscle spasms, sore muscles, tight knotted muscles, pinched nerves and sciatica that will benefit you even more with a TENS unit. You can put the mat in a chair for back support while sitting or working for support, yet it works best on the floor. The strap will attach the device to a chair or car seat for security.

The device is reflexive for home use and protects you back by gently stretching the muscles taking pressure off you spinal discs. When you use this, you will relieve tension and pain. Once you become more flexible, you can set the level higher for more stretching. When your back feels good, you will move about more easily and painlessly. You will be able to bend without pain and stand straight up with no bending over to eliminate the pain you had before.

Note: Discuss with your healthcare doctor or chiropractor before using this device if you have preexisting conditions from neck or spine injuries and other issues.

The dimensions are 15.9- x 10.2- x 2.7-inches and it weighs about 1.5 pounds. It does not use batteries or electricity.

You will receive the Magic Back Support® set consisting of the back stretcher base support with its top curved section for massage and stretching, safety strap, User’s Manual, and DVD all in a reusable box for storage or given as a gift. The Warranty is that you will have 100% satisfaction or get your money back without any questions asked. The Limited Warranty covers the top and bottom parts for 5-years due to defects in manufacturing.

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Final Thoughts

We hope this article has given you some ideas for shopping and relief from your back and body pain. Read customer reviews and always discuss your physical pain condition with your doctor. You do not want to aggravate your pain or worsen any existing condition. Exercise more, eat healthy, and drink plenty of water to help your body be pain free.

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