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The best standing desks are improved and a healthier concept for how you work. They are touted to increase productivity and reduce back and neck pain as well as burn calories. Some employees increase productivity by a huge 14 percent.

Things that are easier to do at a standing desk are reading, talking on the phone, watching a video—all done while moving about. The standing desk is not as useful and successful when you need to type and use a computer mouse.

For you to know your work output, decide what tasks are done better standing or when sitting. Some standing desks come with the ability to lower or raise them and some desks can be retrofitted with a conversion kit. You will need to justify to your boss why a standing desk is better for you—and him or her too.

[h3line h3-text=”Myth #1“]

In the long run and at the end of the day, standing all day is no better than sitting all day. Surprised? It’s like getting a divorce and meeting someone new—exchanging one set of faults for another!

  • For your tasks, if you substitute sitting down with standing up are you doing your body a favor?
  • No; you’re creating new risk factors standing up and these are:
  • Lower back problems after time compressing the lower discs;
  • Risks to carotid arteries (sides of neck);
  • Varicose veins;
  • Deep vein thrombosis; and
  • Cardiovascular troubles because the heart must work against gravity (upwards) to keep blood circulating from the toes.

[h3line h3-text=”Middle of the Road“]

You’ve heard the expression, “eat in moderation,” right? The same goes for chairs. Have the best of both worlds. Sit or stand or stand then sit. Moderation. Do both and you will not have all the potential risks stated here for standing or sitting. Some excellent chairs for sitting can be seen here. If you would like to read about kneeling chairs, go here.

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It’s not always about bad chairs. It’s about sitting still or standing still. The body wants to be moved, not sit, or stand like a statue all day being inactive. When you sit or stand, you might want a foot rest to move those feet and ankles about, fidget a bit, and do that tiny bit of yes, exercise. It’s all about getting your bottom out of the desk chair and moving about when standing at your desk. When standing, a foot rest will take the pressure off one foot and leg, then you do the other side that is jealous. And, when you do sit, don’t stay in one position all day long.

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The first ones reviewed here will be the portable units for apartment dwellers, college students, and anyone needing a smaller unit to take with them. The next items will be the taller models with more capabilities.

[boxsph3 h3-text=”1. Stand Steady Traveler Folding Portable Adjustable Standing Desk“]

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The Stand Steady model number SSTRNCSVN height adjustable laptop, bed table, desk adjustable monitor stand, or children’s floor table is valuable for apartment residents, school students, coffee shop lovers, home and office users, and anyone traveling needing a portable standing desk. You will find this one inexpensive and is the Apartment Therapy Award Winner! The top surface comes in black, blue, or silver to match your décor. It only weighs a slight 2-pounds and will fit into your carry-on luggage to take with you everywhere.

You can adjust the height from 9- to 13-inches. If you like tilt, it does that too! If you like it best flat, go for that. However, it will tilt 45-degrees for sitting in bed or use as an ergonomic keyboard riser.

The smooth rather than matt finish lets you write without scribbles. There is also a lip stopper for your papers so they don’t slide off onto the floor when it is tilted.

Transform your desk into a standing desk, and when you need to sit down, pull your chair back up. You will have the best of both worlds and be healthier for it. This unit is ideal for that situation. When you don’t need to use it, fold it up and store away.

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Burn extra calories standing, not forgetting to move about.

The dimensions are 19.75-inches wide x 11-inches front to back for 1.91-square feet. It will support 16-pounds. It comes fully assembled; just stand it up and stand up with it.

Gift-wrapping is available for you, your school kids, and friends. You will receive a User’s Manual with no assembly required.

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[boxsph3 h3-text=”2. Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable Standing Desk“]

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Executive Office Solutions scissor-type Z-legs is vented for your computer with 2 laptop fans on the top bottom by using the USB Cord included to use with your computer or laptop to power it. You can turn the fans off as well. The top is aluminum for lightweight to hold your laptop at any angle you like best. The legs rotate 360-degrees and collapse easily to take with you anywhere.

It extends up to 20-inches high. The unit is superior for those with neck injuries or disabilities. The legs are made of aluminum and the elbow joints they go into are plastic.

The dimensions are important for how you want to use it. You will know what size laptop it holds based on the size for the one you have. It has many uses such as a writing top, dinner stand, tablet holder, or sound equipment. It folds up to 2-inches. The 4 rubber pads go on the bottom of the legs so it doesn’t slide if you use it on a solid surface area.

You can stand it up on your desk surface and you stand using your keyboard or lay it flat and sit in your chair; or do both. It will support 7- to 10-pounds without wobbling.

Use it for a secondary device such as an extra laptop or extra monitor. The mouse pad area is made of metal, feels heavier than aluminum and is sturdy. It is painted with a textured surface. It can be easily removed with the metal tab that slides into a slot. Use it with or without a mouse. The size of the mouse pad area is approximately 6-1/4- x 6-inches.

Gift-wrapping is available for you, your school kids, and friends. You will receive a User’s Manual and a money back guarantee if you do not like it. It comes fully assembled.

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[boxsph3 h3-text=”3. Stand Steady X-Elite Pro XL 36-Inch Sit or Stand Standing Desk“]

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The Stand Steady model number SSUD36BLA is affordable for all it does. You can convert your desk in an instant with this unit to have it be a stand-up or sit-down unit for best suiting your needs. Use it both ways for better health and less back pain.

The 36-inch wide top x 24-inches front to back unit will hold a laptop plus another monitor or 2 laptops, mouse, and keyboard for whatever configuration you need. The height is adjustable so that you can stand up and work using the air pump lift. Adjust it from 7- to 15.5-inches to best fit you. The sitting height is 2.5-inches. The footprint is 24.25-inches x 16.5-inches and the unit weighs 32-pounds. It will support 20-pounds.

The desktop is laminated particle board painted black. The base and legs are made of steel.

Gift-wrapping is available for you, your school kids, and friends. It comes fully assembled with guarantee with a User’s Manual.


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[boxsph3 h3-text=”4. VARIDESK® ProPlus 36 Height-Adjustable Standing or Sit Desk“]

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The VARIDESK® ProPlus model number 49900 converts from a stand-up desk to a sit-down desk by adjusting it using the 11 different positions for comfort. Set up your dual monitors, and more with the space given on top. This company offers striking colors to match your existing office furniture in black, butcher block, dark brown, and white.

The 2-tier top lets you use the top deck for your monitors and a lower level for your keyboard and mouse.

It lifts using a spring-loaded lifting device that is easy to operate lifting up to 35-pounds in 3 seconds to change your position from standing to sitting or sitting to standing without disturbing your flow.

The lower keyboard deck is not adjustable from the entire unit or top; it stays at a predetermined height from the main platform.

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The top display surface is 36-inches wide x 12.25-inches deep. The footprint is 36-inches wide x 29.75-inches deep.

Gift-wrapping is available for you, your school kids, and friends. It comes fully assembled. You will receive a 30-day guarantee for returns if you’re not happy with this sit-stand desk and User’s Manual.

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[boxsph3 h3-text=”5. FancierStudio® Standing-Sit Desk, 38-Inches“]

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The FancierStudio® standing or sitting desk is best seller on®, manufacturer part number RD-01 Gray. The top is large enough for a wide-screen monitor, a phone, tablet, adding machine, while the lower deck is great for your keyboard and mouse. The top deck will hold 2 each monitors that are up to 17.7-inches in height.

The unit will adjust to convert it from a standing unit to a sitting unit. Put it on top of your existing office desk and switch it from standing to sitting in only a few seconds. It has 10 different height settings for getting it to your height that is best for your comfort and working conditions. To change the height, pull out the 2 hand levers and raise it up or down. The maximum height is from 5- to 17.8-inches.

The desk top is 38-inches wide x 29.5-inches front-to-back and will hold up to 30-pounds of weight.

Gift-wrapping is available for you, your school kids, and friends. It comes fully assembled. You will receive a 30-day guarantee for returns if you’re not happy with this sit-stand desk and a User’s Manual. The unit is made in China.

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[boxsph3 h3-text=”6. VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Tabletop Desk Riser | Tabletop Sit to Stand Workstation“]

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The VIVO model number DESK-V000B is a best seller on® with a plethora of outstanding features with an enormous size for all your monitors and gadgets. This review is for the gas spring riser and it is also available as manual or electric at different price points. Choose what’s best for you to raise and lower the unit. The unit is inexpensive to sit on top of your present desk.

Find your comfort zone by sitting or standing or a combination of both throughout the day. Use the height lock device with the pressure handles on both sides selecting one of the 8 locking positions for the way it feels best for you. The double gas springs create smooth and quick transitions and the durable sturdy base offers great stability at every height level. You can increase the gas spring lift tension by turning the wingnuts in back. Turning them counter-clockwise increases lift. The base has non-slip pads that protect surfaces from scratches.

The top deck is extensive and you can spread-out your monitor and devices and still have room left over for your coffee cup. The lower level will hold the mouse, keyboard, and other stuff as well.

The height of the surface can be adjusted from 6.5- to 16-inches. Check the height, width, and depth dimensions for your perfect fit. It is the all-in-one solution for kids in school, homes, and offices.

The keyboard is easy to install and is removable where other brands of these units do not have this feature. You will also be able to manage your cabling for a change! Keep AV and power chords clean and organized with an adhesive cable clip that attaches to the steel frame under the desk surface.


This desk has monitor mount compatibility to use the monitor mount of your choice. Works with both C-clamp and grommet mounting options.

The keyboard tray is 24.5-inches long x 9-inches deep x 4.5-inches tall. The keyboard area is fixed and does not move under the monitor area. The stabilizing feet are 24-inches long from front to back.

Gift-wrapping is available for you, your school kids, and friends. It requires some assembly attaching the feet with the included hex tool and your desk is ready to go! You will receive a 1-year Warranty and User’s Manual.


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[boxsph3 h3-text=”7. Halter Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk“]

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The Halter model number ED-258 is a best-selling sit-stand desk with squeeze handles to adjust the height on®. It comes in a cherry wood color finish or acrylic, at a slightly higher cost, but very pretty and clear. Simply place it on top of your existing desk, the top surface in your cubicle space, or table because it’s fully assembled right out of the box.

Convert it to a sit- or stand-desk in a few seconds. The elevating desktop was designed to assist those who are challenged with back, neck, posture, and circulation problems. It provides multiple height desktop work levels to maximize comfort, introduce work height variations, optimize posture and blood circulation, as well as reduce eye strain.


  • Desktop length: 35.6-inches
  • Desktop width: 20.4-inches
  • Keyboard desktop length: 35.6-inches
  • Keyboard desktop width: 16.9-inches
  • Desktop adjustment: 16.14-inches max
  • Desktop weight: 47.3-pounds
  • Desktop maximum load: 44.1-pounds

The top shelf will hold 2 each 21-inch monitors and the keyboard tray is fixed, not movable.

Gift-wrapping is available for you, your school kids, and friends. It needs no assembly! You will receive a 1-year Warranty and a User’s Manual.

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[boxsph3 h3-text=”8. Mount-It! Stand Up Workstation with Dual Monitor Mount – Standing Desk Converter“]

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The Mount It! work station model number MI-7904 with adjustable keyboard and counter balanced monitor arm can be attached to your existing work surface or desk. Use it standing up or drop it to sit down and work. As you know, converter simply means something you can change. You can change the height going from sitting to standing and vice versa in a heartbeat with this best standing desk converter. The steel is strong and sturdy and the silver finish is striking for any office décor.

The gas spring arm system will bring it down or send it up depending on your sitting or standing position. Use it for 2 monitors, laptops, or notebooks. The many functionalities of this unit are really cool.

Reduce neck and eye strain when you adjust the height and angle and have 2-times the screen space.

The arm swivels with height adjustment to tilt and rotate and raise and lower your monitors and it’s easy to mount using the C-clamp or grommet base included. We know how important it is to have the fastening device hold the product in place without shifting and these are rubberized for a snug tight fit.

You can keep the cords out of your way to not trip over and just look ugly all over the place with the cleverly designed way to hide them.

The platform will support mounting monitors up to a 27-inch screen size and the storage tray has compartments to organize small items or your cup and cell phone.

The unit will hold up to 28.6-pounds of weight (26.4-pounds for monitors, 2.2-pounds for keyboard shelf).

With the wide keyboard tray that has a soft wrist pad you will be comfortable and have plenty of room for doing your work. The upper landing has a 22- x 8-inch cutout for keyboard visibility. A 9-1/2- x 18-inch keyboard is easily visible and accessed.


  • Desk thickness range: 0.4- to 3.6-inches
  • Keyboard tray dimensions: 26.2-inches wide x 10.2-inches deep
  • Extension height: 19.5-inches
  • Monitor compatibility: 20-, 24-, 27-inch monitors with VESA 75/100 bolting patterns

For the perfect fit to your monitor check VESA holes on the back of the monitor to be about 3-x 3-inches or 4- x 4-inches and be sure to check the weight capacity that must be less than 28.6-pounds. If your monitor is not VESA compliant, you will need to purchase an adapter.

Gift-wrapping is available for you, your school kids, and friends. It needs minor assembly! You will receive a User’s Manual and returns are allowed within 30 days of the delivery date.

Mount-It! Sit-Stand Desk Mount for Dual Monitors in a black color but the same functions to see how it works video below.

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[boxsph3 h3-text=”9. Smugdesk Standing Desk Converter Riser Adjustable“]

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[rate amzrate=”5″ edrate=”5″]

The Smugdesk manufacturer part number Smugdesk0110 is a best seller in Office Products on®. The Z-lift process is smooth with many stops between low and high for sitting or standing. Use it for 2 laptops, a monitor, or a combination of devices that you use your way. It will hold 2 each 27-inch monitors. The weight limit for the unit is 37.5-pounds. The desktop weight limit is 33-pounds with an added 4.5-pounds for the keyboard deck.

The unit is made of steel and wood in a nice black color. It is a dynamo of power and is less costly than types with similar functions. The high to low converter has in between height adjustments for being comfortable when you sit or stand. The height limit is 15-inches. No assembly is needed so you can sit it on your current desktop and get to work

The dimensions of the desktop without the keyboard tray is about 32- x 24-inches. It is 6- to 8-inches between the keyboard tray and surface area is fixed for the monitors or other devices. The lowest height is 6.5-inches when sitting at the desk.

The keyboard tray is 24.5-inches long x 9-inches deep x 4.5-inches tall and can be removed by unscrewing the tray from the rails. The stabilizing feet are 24-inches long from front to back.

The dimensions of the base to table is the leg depth of 21-inches with width of the outer edge of the legs at 30.5-inches.

The monitor deck is 16-inches above the desk top and the keyboard deck is 10-inches above the desk top when at its highest level.

At the back base are 2 knobs to adjust the gas springs to increase or decrease the amount of lift you want from the springs.

The dimensions of the base to table is the leg depth of 21-inches with width of the outer edge of the legs at 30.5-inches.

The monitor deck is 16-inches above the desk top and the keyboard deck is 10-inches above the desk top when at its highest level.

At the back base are 2 knobs to adjust the gas springs to increase or decrease the amount of lift you want from the springs.

The best standing desks are improved and healthier concept

Anyone can use and work this unit to include school students, office, and home users with its many levels for adjusting. It keeps your spine straight when standing up.

Gift-wrapping is available for you, your school kids, and friends. You will receive a User’s Manual. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with the Limited Warranty.

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[boxsph3 h3-text=”10. VARIDESK® Active MatStanding Desk Anti-Fatigue Comfort Rocking Floor“]

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The VARIDESK® rocking floor mat ASIN B06Y4FZZG3 is a new product and is an excellent accessory to have while standing at your standing or sitting work desk. It gives you a place so that you can easily keep your legs and feet moving for better circulation exercising a bit as well.

The rocker bar will not fatigue you when you either sit or stand at your workstation desk unit. It will reduce the aches and stress you can get in your lower limbs. Bend your feet and ankles, turn them, and wiggle your toes using this very clever device.

The edges are beveled with no hard edges, will not curl, and is perfect for your knees and hips as well so you can sit or stand for longer periods. The core is very dense and strong. But do get up and walk about every 20-minutes. It will stay in place and not “walk” when you use it. Prop up your feet—one at a time—and feel better at the end of the day.

You can use it barefoot so that your feet won’t be sore anymore or keep your shoes on. It will take a few days to get used to the 1-foot action, but it does work! You will never just sit again using this!

The footprint is 28.38-inches wide x 35-inches deep. It will support a person weighing 220-pounds. Check out the other dimensions to fit your work setting.

Gift-wrapping is available for you, your school kids, and friends. It comes fully assembled. You will receive a 30-day guarantee for returns if you’re not happy with this rocker and a User’s Manual.

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Sitting or standing does not have to be one or the other full time. When using the smartly designed sit-stand desk, you will feel much better at the end of your work day.

  • Your laptop is mobile to take with you to the sofa, kitchen table, or Starbucks®; just unplug it from the workstation.
  • Stand when you have specific tasks such as talking on the phone or reading the monitor.
  • Your muscles will become tired when standing in one spot for hours on end. Get a rocker mat suggested in #10 above to do your feet and legs a favor.
  • Take breaks; walk somewhere, do some stretches and bends, and don’t just sit or stand at your workstation all day.
  • Do some research and see what others are saying.
  • Be prepared for the transition period from a sit-down only desk to a sit-stand unit.
  • Keep a comfortable pair of shoes handy.
  • Concentrate on your posture.

Final Thoughts

Are you confused? I’m not so I will help you become un-confused. Yes, we’ve heard and read that we should not sit all day because it’s as bad as smoking a pack a day. Then we noticed standing desks appearing in the office. Then we heard and read that standing for too long will cause swollen ankles and feet, varicose veins, and poor circulation. Well, for myself, I’ll never go back to a sitting-only desk. You will indeed have better posture and more energy with less neck and back pain and be more productive with a stand-sit desk combo.

The best standing desks are superior products serving dual purposes—sitting and standing. Start out slow and move your body to improve health of your mind, muscles, bones, and all of you. Happy Shopping!

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