Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review

zero gravity massage chair

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be an astronaut in outer space experiencing zero gravity? It used to be that you could only have such an experience on a dizzying ride at a theme park or training in the military. Now, civilians can experience this in their homes every day by purchasing a Zero Gravity Massage Chair.

Zero gravity Massage chairs have been around for years, but they are now more affordable than ever before. There are countless models to choose from, and manufacturers are constantly pushing the limits and creating new versions that are sure to please clients all over the world. If you’re someone that suffers from chronic back pain, these chairs have become life savers.

To help guide you through this complicated market, we compiled a list of the four best zero gravity chairs so far in 2018.

Zero Gravity Massage Chair Pros & Cons


  • Has a weight limit of 300 pounds, which is greater than most other massage chairs
  • Cheaper price than most brands with the same features
  • Roller scraping for the whole foot
  • Bluetooth enabled speakers


  • Insurance is recommended, as some people have described parts of the chair as flimsy
  • Does not arrive fully assembled
  • Due to the weight of the chair, delivery can become tricky for those who live in apartments or condominiums
  • Disassembling and reassembling the chair is very difficult

Zero Gravity Massage Chair 

zero gravity massage chair

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What Is A Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

As suggested in the name, a zero gravity massage chair is a chair that induces the feeling of weightlessness. Conceptualized from techniques NASA uses in its space capsule seating, much like an astronaut in outer space, the user feels an instant sense of relief as the compressive force of gravity no longer takes its toll. Due to the positioning of the chair, the zero gravity chair keeps your legs higher than your body to increase circulation and blood flow, therefore providing the most comfortable and relaxing massage chair experience anyone could ask for.

Product Specs

Zero gravity massage chairs are characterized by their ability to make you feel weightless. Many of the zero gravity massage chairs share common limitations regarding height and weight. With their zero gravity, heating pad and body scan features, these massage chair features several benefits that can help those who are suffering from ailments.

One major drawback of some massage chair is the intensity which the rollers (particularly the foot rollers) emit when contacting a human body. It’s important to research as much as you can about these chairs to determine whether you can handle the intensity.


We have included links to Amazon from where these products can be purchased. There you can view the most up-to-date prices and read consumer reviews for yourself.

How The Zero Gravity Massage Chair Compares

We’ve compiled a list of similar products available on the market to see how they compare. We used the following in our study:

  • Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner
  • BestMassage EC-06
  • Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair
  • ZeroG 5.0 Premium Full Body Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner

The Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner is everything its name suggests. With a price point less than $1,000.00, this massage chair comes with several features rivaling those of more expensive chairs. With its L-shaped frame and four massage rollers, this chair can extend from the upper neck to a person’s hip. A fairly new innovation, an L-shape frame is very similar to an S-shaped frame but differs in that it’s a greater reach.

This massage chair comes with multiple massage methods simulating human massage, including: Relax, Extend, Recover and Refresh. The chair also has a computerized scanning system; this chair can adjust itself to specific body types and shoulder positions. For those with foot issues, this chair has you covered as it has a roller scraping feature. Roller scraping is proven to increase circulation, immune system response, sleep, and overall relaxation of the body. With a Bluetooth enabled speaker, you can feel even more relaxed as your favorite songs play during a massage.

Ease of Use: 5 Stars

While the manual is not useful, this chair is one that is self-explanatory.

Assembly Time: 3 Stars

One of the biggest complaints about this chair is that it does not arrive fully assembled. If you’re someone that has a hard time building things, this may be an issue you might want to consider.

Design Quality: 5 Stars 

With many of the same features as other massage chairs, the Full Body Zero goes the extra mile by allowing users to connect to Bluetooth devices so that they can listen to their favorite music while relaxing.

Warranty: 2 Stars 

This zero gravity massage chair comes with a 1-year warranty.

BestMassage EC-06

No products found.

As far as massage chairs go, the BestMassage EC-06 is the titan. It consistently out-sells other massage chairs on Amazon, and not just because of its low price point (around $675, depending on the seller). Customer reviews are packed with 5-star ratings for features such as its different massage functions (rolling, kneading, chopping, and percussion). This massage has a heated feature and offers forceful massage for a price that won’t break the bank.

However, one serious complaint seems to come up time and time again. As with any such product, the EC-06 can break, and while this seems to be a fairly rare occurrence, several customers have complained that the manufacturer refuses to honor the warranty. When a manufacturer does not honor a warranty, it can a major red flag as many customers do not want to invest a great deal of money into a product that is irreplaceable should something happen.

Ease of Use: 4 stars

The controls for this massage chair come via an easy-to-use remote. However, instructions are not included.

Assembly Time: 4 stars

Assembly simply includes attaching the arms via a few screws, attaching the screen, and plugging it in.

Design Quality: 3 stars

The chair itself is comfortable and effective, but the tendency to break lowers its value and score considerably.

Warranty: 1 star

By far the biggest drawback to this product, the 1-year warranty won’t do you any good if the manufacturer won’t honor it.


  • 4 massage settings
  • Low price point compared to other brands
  • Longer massage times (up to 30 minutes as opposed to the standard 15)


  • Inconsistency with the warranty and ability to replace the chair if it breaks.
  • Not as high-quality and durable as pricier models

Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair

No products found.

If you’re looking for a massage chair which makes everyday a spa day, then this might be the one for you. An upgrade from the Osaki Os-4000, the Osaki Os-4000T has kept all the fan favorite features while also adding features that have become must haves for any brand. Through innovative engineering, the Osaki Os-4000T has reduced the total number of air bags it carries, resulting in an increase of the volume and surface area of massage.

Besides this new change, the Os-4000T is equipped with an S-track. For those unfamiliar with the term, an S-track (S, standing for sinusoidal) refers to the wavy curvature of the body. By applying an S-track, this massage chair moves in accordance with the natural curvature of the body and can dig into problem areas of the neck, shoulders, and spine.  With a computer body scan, six auto massage programs (in addition to the manual programs), six massage styles, heat and vibration, and a variety of speeds and intensities, this massage chair can address problems from slight to chronic pain.

Ease of Use: 5 Stars

With easy-to-read settings, this chair comes with a lot of options but is not overwhelming in the manner in which it is presented.

Assembly Time: 2 Stars

The chair does not arrive fully assembled meaning that those who do not know how to build may need help. Some vendors offer in home set up services for an additional fee.

Design Quality: 5 Stars

Due to the removal of unnecessary airbags, the increased volume and surface area for massage has propelled this massage chair from 4 to a 5.

Warranty: 3 Stars

Whenever purchasing an item that breaks easily, the warranty is of the utmost importance. For an additional fee of around $200.00, a 2-3 year warranty can be added towards the conservation of the chair.


  • Posses autotimers from 5 to 30 minutes
  • Features an S-track layout for an optimal massage
  • Six auto massage programs.
  • Six massage styles which can be tailored to your needs


  • The hefty price could be a major deal breaker for those considering this chair.
  • The chair fits people from the heights of 5’2″ to 6’3″ so those that are shorter or taller may find this chair undesirable.
  • The warranty and additional costs can be considered an unnecessary expense.

ZeroG 5.0 Premium Full Body Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

If you’re searching for a massage chair that will leave you feeling like a completely new person, the ZeroG 5.0 is the one for you. This product can be purchased on Amazon for around $3,000. It has a Smart 3D massage engine that delivers a smooth, rejuvenating, relaxing, healing massage that relieves pain. Designed intending to simulate expert techniques of massage professionals, this chair brings a human quality to every single massage. Its fully encompassing foot and calf massager extends to accommodate taller users.

It is designed for a therapeutic massage complete with proprietary Figure-Eight Technology to push blood flow in an upward motion improving circulation and vibration. It contains patented warm air technology to relieve shoulder and lower back pain through two lumbar heat modules which gently envelop your back. For those with breathing issues, this chair has proven to expand lung capacity, allowing for deeper, more relaxed breathing. Other features include body height customization, seat massage, foot vibration and 3D massage intensity that adjusts shoulders, neck and upper and lower back massages.

Ease of Use: 5 Stars

Allowing you to press and hold one button that will take you into a zero-gravity position, using this massage chair is as complicated as tying a shoelace.

Assembly Time: 5 stars

This product arrives fully assembled.

Design Quality: 5 stars

The ZeroG 5.0 came out in 2015, so only time will tell if it lasts seven or 10 years or more. However, many customers purchased in 2015 and are still quite satisfied with the product in 2018.

Warranty: 5 stars

This chair comes with one-year in-home labor service, three-year parts, and five-year frame warranty.


  • Physician tested and proven to drop blood pressure and pulse
  • Provides measurable physical and psychological benefits for active seniors, outdoor enthusiasts, those living with stress and chronic pain and more
  • The foot and calf massager can extend to accommodate for varying heights.
  • Endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC).


  • Chair overheats if you use it for over two 15-minute sessions without a 30-minute cooldown.
  • Massage can overwhelm, particularly the feet when the vibration is turned on
  • Eventually the remote will fail, and you may get stuck in the zero-gravity position.
  • For most people, the price is one that will break your wallet.

The Zero Gravity Massage Chair – The Verdict

Zero gravity massage chair technology is exciting, but there is no need to rush out and buy a chair that will fall apart in a year. We strongly recommend the ZeroG 5.0 Premium Full Body Zero-Gravity Massage Chair. It has only been on the market for a few years, so there is no way to tell how long it will last. Besides some preliminary issues (which are to be expected), it is holding up well and has one of the best warranties on the market today. It is clear the manufacturer believes in its product and you should too.

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